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The moment we’ve all been waiting for is approaching: Summer – fun in the sun. After a long, cold, and dark winter, we run to the sun like moths to a flame. It warms us, makes us happy, and gives us a seductive, tender tan. But watch out! Our skin is highly sensitive. Sun exposure with insufficient protection increases the risk of skin cancer and accelerates aging. So, don’t let yourself be fooled by the following 4 myths about sun protection.

Myth 1: Red as a lobster today, brown tomorrow!

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Although a sunburn might leave a tan, it’s not a healthy one. On the contrary, it is incredibly dangerous and also won’t last as long as gentle tanning. After all, a sunburn is still a sunburn and it damages the skin. As soon as the skin starts to heal, it will flake off – and so will the tan. To keep it healthy and give it a tan that lasts, be sure to cover your body with sufficient protection while sunbathing.

Myth 2: My day care is protection enough!

It depends. Most facial moisturizers only contain light sun protection, usually no more than SPF 15. For a normal day at the office, with only short periods outside, that is just fine. However, if you plan on spending your lunch break in the sun, SPF 15 might not be enough. Your face is different from the rest of your body. Its skin is more delicate because it is thinner. Therefore, it needs better protection than other parts. We recommend using SPF 30 for longer periods outside.


Myth 3: It’s cloudy – I don’t need sunscreen!

Yes, you do! Clouds filter just 20 percent of UV rays. 80 percent still make their way through. At least parasols and trees filter about 50 percent. Still, even if you’re in the shade, you’re not safe from getting sunburned. Don’t take any chances – use sun protection. Your skin will appreciate it.

Myth 4: The more lotion I put on my skin, the longer I can stay in the sun!

Simple math won’t do here because SPFs cannot be added up. Just because you apply sun lotion with SPF 30 twice, does not mean the protection adds up to SPF 60. How long you can stay in the sun really depends on your skin tone. Let’s take light skin, for example. It has a self-protection time of 10 minutes. Treating it with SPF 30 gives it 30 times the protection, so 300 minutes. Keep in mind that it is still necessary to apply lotion regularly. Especially after swimming or sweating, your skin is not fully protected anymore.

So, while you’re enjoying the sun, let us take care of your skin.


Our sun protection trio* for you:

– protects the skin from the sun
– activates and accelerates the tanning process
– promotes an intense and even tan

Sun Spray SPF 30
– the perfect anti-aging strategy for protection against the sun
– fresh and fruity coconut aroma
– clear and non-greasy texture

After Sun
– cooling gel nourishes and soothes sun-stressed skin with moisture
– helps to prolong your tan


*Please note: The FitLine med sun products are only available in selected countries.


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