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A busy lifestyle, lots of travelling, or the occasional night out: Many things that are exciting for you, can be stressful for your skin. Add environmental pollution and genetic skin aging to the mix and the visible signs of aging might start to show.

The key to protect our skin from premature aging is to make sure it is well hydrated and supplied with all nutrients it needs to feel and look its best. The new FitLine skin Hydrating-shot mask provides the extra moisture boost for your skin. It’s the perfect addition to your beauty routine with the 4ever or Q10 Oxy Repair Face.

Beauty from Inside and Outside

Anja Wunder, Director Cosmetics at PM-International explains: “Throughout 2019, skin care and beauty have been big topics for us, with one goal in mind: To supply the cells with active ingredients from the inside, with our FitLine Beauty, and outside, with the FitLine skin cosmetics products. This way, we can offer a holistic skin care solution for visible, noticeable, and tangible results.”

The new Hydrating-shot mask goes the extra mile to keep your skin glowing and radiant. It boasts a unique combination of active ingredients: Our three shots for moisture, anti-aging, and anti-glycation. Thanks to our exclusive Nutrient Transport Concept NTC®, these highly bioavailable substances are transported quickly and directly to our skin cells.

Shot 1 for Moisture: Hyaluronic Acid

High, medium, and low molecular hyaluronic acids provide intensive moisture, even to the deeper skin layers. They leave your skin perfectly moisturized and help increase its resilience and elasticity.

Shot 2 for Anti-Aging: Edelweiss Plant Stem Cells

Skin stem cells are responsible for the renewal and regeneration of the skin. As we get older, this regeneration process slows down. Lines and wrinkles become more visible. For obvious moral reasons, we don’t use human stem cells in our products. Instead, and for the first time ever in the history of FitLine skin, we’re utilizing innovative plant stem technology. Edelweiss plant stem cells from certified organic cultivation support the skin’s own regeneration process and ensure maximum anti-aging results.

Shot 3 for Anti-Glycation: Isoquercetin

Research shows that certain types of sugar react chemically with the collagen in our skin. This can lead to premature wrinkle formation. The vegetable bioflavonoid Isoquercetin inhibits this process and promotes skin elasticity.

A Luxurious Spa Treatment, Right at Home

Honestly, isn’t pampering yourself with a good facemask the ultimate self-care? All you need to do is sit back, enjoy, and let the unique ingredients work.

The cloth mask is not only super-easy to use and avoids spilling (hello, spa time on the couch!), it also generates a warming effect. As a result, the warmth opens your skin’s pores. This allows the active ingredients to penetrate your skin faster and more effectively. At the same time, it prevents them from evaporating.

Care for Yourself and the Environment

The Hydrating-shot mask is free of preservatives and unirradiated, thanks to the separate storage of the cloth and the serum. Often, sheet masks are irradiated to prevent the development of germs and bacteria. The Hydrating-shot mask is freshly activated by you, right before you use it.

In addition, the mask is gluten-free, vegan, and completely biodegradable.


I work as a beautician and I am absolutely in love with the mask. My skin felt relaxed and intensely moisturized after the first application and this effect increased from week to week. My skin feels so much better and it has become much softer. I’m so thrilled!” Angela K. (Germany)

My skin felt intensely moisturized right after the first application, and I had a nice „glow“ which I really liked. In addition, my skin looks smoother, especially on my forehead, and I definitely feel a few years younger!” Trinidad G. (Spain)















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