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Today, the Cologne List® lists all FitLine nutritional supplement products and assures that each product is tested on potentially doping relevant stimulants. What many FitLine users don’t know, is that PM-International partnered up with the Cologne List® since its creation.

But first things first: What exactly is the Cologne List®, why and when was it created and why is it so important for PM-International to have all the FitLine nutritional supplement products on the Cologne List®?

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Everybody wins!

The Cologne List® is an initiative from the field of sports, listing nutritional supplement products that have been tested on doping agents and stimulants, and provides athletes and manufacturers with an independent service platform, providing transparent product information in the interest of all involved parties.

A study from 2004 at the Institute for Biochemistry, financed by the IOC (International Olympic Committee), showed that 15% of the tested dietary products contained anabolic agents which weren’t specified on the packaging. The results were probably due to contamination in the production process, without a real doping effect but still could lead to positive doping results. Athletes and the dietary supplement industry were equally shocked. As a consequence, single companies, including PM-International, stepped forward to have their products tested for potential contamination. This was primarily intended to complement the internal review of production processes that were already in place.

This was the beginning of the Cologne List®. Starting with only 25 dietary supplement products it constituted the world’s first solution to the problematic of contaminated dietary supplements.

Aboard since the beginning

PM-International partnered up with the Cologne List® since the beginning. As charter partner of this exclusive transparency initiative for the dietary supplement market, PM-International underlined its commitment to more safety and transparency in professional and popular sports.

When sports professionals like physiotherapists, team medics, and athletes voiced their concerns about product safety in regards of anabolic steroids and other doping substances, PM-International took the initiative and proactively made its way to seek out a competent partner. It didn’t take long for athletes and manufacturers to see the benefits of having an independent institution illuminate a heterogeneous and complex market.

In the past 10 years, the Cologne List® laboratory partners have added close to 600 products to the list and more products are being added every year.While at first, FitLine started with a few selected products, in the course of time all our dietary supplement products have been added, including the latest development: nitric oxide booster, Munogen.

The experience and know-how PM-International was able to collect with the Cologne List®, eventually indirectly also lead to the creation of our very own top-notch lab, allowing us to perform our own detection controls with gas chromatographs, mass spectrometers and thus pushing detection limits of the ingredients even before having the FitLine nutritional supplements analysed by Cologne List®.

In 2014 PM-International was the first partner of the Cologne List® with a comparable product range to place all of its FitLine dietary supplement products on the Cologne List® and have them tested regularly and independently. Since the creation of the Cologne List and the start of FitLine dietary supplement product analysis, and after hundreds of reports there were no registered positive cases of doping agents or stimulants found.

FitLine - Laboratory

Trust is the foundation for a good relationship

PM-International is known for pushing for new and innovative industry standards and voluntarily going beyond minimum standards, to guarantee full product safety and transparency for professional and amateur athletes and everybody else who wishes to live a life with more power and energy.

What is true for our personal life, can’t be wrong for business. The quest to find a trustful partner that can perform independent tests on the safety of the FitLine products and at the same time have the authority to be highly regarded by athletes, physiotherapists, team medics and their federations went on for several years.

FitLine started with only a handful of partnerships, including the German Ice Hockey Association (DEB), the German Cycling Association (BDR) and numerous individual athletes are convinced by the quality and results of the FitLine products. Thanks to our efforts in promoting product safety we were able to convince more and more athletes and associations to sign a cooperation with FitLine.

Wolfgang Maier from the German Ski Association (DSV) emphasizes on the importance for his association to have safe products. Product safety, quality, effect, taste and tolerance of the products are of utmost significance. Regular product testing for doping substances and impurities by a renowned center for preventative doping research is indispensable. The athletes take nutritional supplements for quicker regeneration, injury prevention, to stabilize the immune system as well as filling nutrient gaps and energy reservoirs. Professional support on application questions for a modular nutritional supplement line such as FitLine is another decisive touchstone in favor or against a product.

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