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Your hair growth follows a cycle and knowing it can support you in taking care of your hair better and avoid being stressed about it when you don’t succeed. FitLine Hair+, the holistic solution composed of nutritional supplements in combination with cosmetics, is here for you! FitLine Hair+ supports your hair growth by activating the growth cycle, when your cells slow down. Which means: no more excuses for not knowing about your hair’s natural cycle and how to use it for getting amazingly beautiful and lush hair! Sometimes your hair is just in a different phase than you are, and that’s OK. FitLine Hair+ supports your hair growth by activating the growth cycle, when your cells slow down.

“It’s just a phase, honey!”

Hair has some very particular attributes and is one of the fastest growing tissues in the human body, growing between 0.6 and 1.4 cm per month on average with a life span of sometimes more than 6 years.A full head of healthy, shiny hair is not only a sign of general health and well-being, but it has grown to also be an expression of your identity and status. A healthy human scalp counts between 100,000 to 150,000 hair. The amount of hair you grow also depends on your hair color: while blonde people usually have more hair on their heads on average, black-haired and red-haired humans have the least.

We call it hair growth cycle, but your hair doesn’t actively do anything really. It is, in fact, the hair bulb (hair follicle) that initiates the hair growth cycle that can be separated into three different phases:

  1. the anagen phase (growth)
  2. the catagen phase (regression)
  3. the telogen phase (rest)

The Anagen Phase – It all starts in the bulb

During this phase, the bulb starts creating hair layer after hair layer, from tip to bottom and from inside out. This is the best and most effective phase to take and apply Hair+. The holistic solution for inside and outside application works immediately on hair that is in the anagen phase. Luckily, the growing phase of the hair cycle can last between 2 and 8 years. The duration of this phase determines how long your hair will become and this is also the only phase of the cycle during which the hair actually grows.

The Catagen Phase – Just hair being hair

The catagen phase is when hair stops growing. The hair grew to its indented maximum length and now just stays like this for about two weeks to one month and the follicle gives little to no support to your hair and it will eventually fall out.

The Telogen Phase – Getting ready for more

During this phase, the stem cells in the hair follicle are getting ready to send out the signal to start building new hair. The hair growth phase of the follicles is unsynchronized and the continuous shedding of 50 to 100 hair per day remains unnoticed most of the time. Sometimes the regrowth cycle is blocked due to non-genetical and non-hormonal factors and the hair remains in the resting phase for a longer time. This usually results in lighter upper hair.



  1. Skall man massera in medlet både där hår helt saknas och där håret blivit tunnare. ?
    Blir det effektivare att göra det två gånger per dag istället för en gång per dag.
    Tacksam för tips o. råd

  2. Dear Leif, thanks for your comment. Here are instructions about how to apply the FitLine microSolve med Hair+:
    – Part the hair on the areas where you notice hair loss and put the tip of the product bottle directly on the scalp.
    – Apply a small amount of the fluid directly on the scalp and massage it generously into it.
    – Remember the product is only effective at the follicle of your hair! Be careful not to put any product on the mid-lengths.

    You can either apply the product in the morning, and after 3-4 minutes of reaction time you can continue with your general hair styling routine, OR before going to bed to let it work overnight. Both options give the same results. Remember also that it is a leave on formula. Do not rinse the product. Make sure to wait 2-3 hours in case you want to wash your hair after the application.

    All the best,
    Your Blog-Team 🙂

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