FitLine Shape

Who better to tell you all about the Shape Challenge than the person, who’s mastered it time and time again. Rolf Sorg, founder and CEO of PM-International, reveals valuable tips to get you through the 4-week journey to a healthier, fitter, and shaped YOU:

Each year, I’m excited to start the Shape Challenge. It’s a unique holistic program, healthy, easy, and super tasty.  

Regardless of whether I’m taking part in the Shape Challenge or not, I always start the day with a FitLine PowerCocktail mixed with HeartDuo and an extra scoop of Activize Oxyplus, as well as ProShape Amino and Munogen. I also always finish the day with FitLine Restorate.


In preparation for the Shape Challenge, I do a complete 14-day FitLine D-Drink program for a normal liver[1] and macronutrient metabolism[2] function. You could even do the D-Drink program alongside the Shape Challenge. There’s no specific order.

I start out into the Challenge with three FitLine ProShapes All-in-1 a day for the first two days. That means replacing breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a very simple and healthy way. It’s quite logical really: the more meals you replace, the faster you lose weight.

Beginning day 3, my goal is to drink 2 FitLine ProShapes per day: 1 in the morning for breakfast, 1 in the evening for dinner. For lunch, I enjoy a nice meal. But of course, I have a few guidelines there as well, which nutritional scientific experts at PM-International recommend for an EASY and HEALTHY way to SHAPE my body:


  • Stay on a low carb diet. I for example skip potatoes, rice, bread, and pasta. Instead, I go for meat, fish, vegetables and fruit.
  • Don’t drink alcohol and avoid any soft drinks. I only drink water and lots of tea, especially FitLine Herbaslim Tea.
  • Don’t eat too late in the evenings! Normally, I don’t eat dinner after 6 PM!

In case you’re looking for inspiration, browse these easy, healthy, and low-carb lunch recipes, designed to keep your stomach happy during the Shape Challenge.  


If you want to stay fit and shape your body, there’s no way around doing sports. I go for (at least) 45-minute workouts, 3 times per week. For all participants of the Shape Challenge, my personal coach has set up 3 individual workout programs. Whether you are beginner, intermediate, or advanced level, you’ll find exactly the right program for you. Needless to say, I go for the intermediate. 😉

Check out these workouts, we have prepared for you:





And if you’re lacking motivation to get active, there’s a little something here for you too.  



[1] Choline contributes to the maintenance of normal liver function.

[2] Chromium contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism.