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CEO of PM-International Malaysia, Paul Yung, envisions to create more Malaysian champions through FitLine’s nutritional supplements. That’s why PM-Malaysia started working with top Malaysian athletes and well-established performers. Together, they hope to inspire others to pick up healthy sports and get excited about FitLine products to assist their workout.

Meet 3 of Malaysia’s Top Athletes

1.  Ho Ro Bin, Wushu (Chinese Kung Fu) Master

Gold Medalist, World Champion, and Asian Champion.
Ho Ro Bin is Malaysia’s most popular representative of Wushu. He is a person of integrity. To him, his body is precious, and he treats it with great care.

When his success as Wushu champion became well known, many nutrition supplement companies contacted Ro Bin and offered sponsorships. He declined. They were not interested in sincerely helping people but only their own commercial strategy. Things changed when he met PM-International and FitLine. Ho Ro Bin is truly convinced of the products and their effectiveness. He is also touched by the company’s vision of wanting to help athletes and nurture future generations: “Paul Yung told me that he wanted to build more Malaysian national champions through FitLine. This means a lot to me!”

Today he proudly says: “My team will always be the FitLine team!”

FitLine Team Wushu Master

2.  Gee Ci Long, National Powerlifting Athlete 

Asian Powerlifting Silver Medalist, World Championship 2018 qualifier, Vice-President of the newly formed Malaysia Association of Powerlifting.
Gee Ci Long’s greatest success so far was the overall result of 467,5 kg in the Asian Championship 2017. It made him the second strongest powerlifter in Asia. However, he doesn’t play sports to prove a point to anyone. He represents his country and most importantly himself. He’s an impressive competitor and takes on any difficult challenge. It’s all about using his full potential to go to the limits.

His trusted partner: FitLine products.

FitLine products play a vital role in Gee’s overall wellbeing since 2016. He has successfully integrated them into his daily routine. His absolute favorite is Restorate. He drinks it before bedtime which improves his recovery time noticeably: FitLine helps me recover well after every session.  In addition and gives me the confidence to take on the next day’s workout.” 

FitLine Team Powerlifting Athlete

3.  Richard Tang, Top Triathlete

Multiple triathlete champion, loving father of two, and absolute sports enthusiast.
Richard Tang has successfully managed to balance work life, personal life, and competitive sports. Triathlons put an enormous strian on the body. Therefore, Richard started using FitLine products in 2016 to complement his diet. He takes Basics added with Activize. He feels more energized and firmly believes that his consistent training sessions, complemented with FitLine products, result in great accomplishments. Activize helps him to push through tough training longer and he can recover faster.

His mantra: “Everyone should be healthy, fit, and live their life to the max. I hope to inspire others to follow my steps to pick up healthy sports and get excited about FitLine products.”

FitLine Team Triathlete


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