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Biathlete Buzz – 6 Questions for Ida and Guro Herfoss

Ida and Guro Herfoss: a dynamic duo from Norway. Their passion: High speed chases and taking out targets. Now, don’t get the wrong idea. We’re not talking about hit (wo)men. The sisters are biathletes. And FitLine ambassadors. Both have been doing biathlon since their early childhood, and began reaping big rewards during the last couple of years. In 2017, Guro (18 years old) won the mass start gold medal in the Norwegian Championships. Her older sister Ida (23), won gold and bronze in the Junior Norwegian Championships of 2016, and bronze in last year’s Senior Norwegian Championships. The goals for next season are set: competing in the IBU-Cup and debuting in the world cup.

We have had a chance to sit down with them and can now share some insights into their personal lives.

What fascinates you about biathlon?

Ida: The fascination for biathlon comes from the excitement of doing two very different sports at once. You need to be in really good shape and have good endurance. You also need a cool and focused mindset. I like to push myself hard and like being in my own world when I do sports. In biathlon I can truly be me, myself, and I only. It motivates me to see improvements every day. I’m also strongly motivated to become as good as I can in what I do. I get triggered by competing against better girls. And I love beating them!😉

Guro: What fascinates me about biathlon is that you need to be a fast cross-country skier. At the same time, you need to be accurate and have a low pulse when shooting on the targets. Getting good runs while enjoying the training has kept the motivation going.


Your favorite song to pump you up?

Ida: I listen to a lot of music, but when I run intervals on the treadmill I listen to:
– Beast by Tungevaag & Raaban, feat. Isac Elliot 
– Vinnersjel by Chim, feat. Victoria Andersen

Guro: My favorite song when I work out, especially before competitions:
– Welcome to My Life by Chris Brown

What does a regular training session look like?

Ida and Guro: Our training sessions are different from day to day. It depends on whether we have a tough training week or a slower one. In the summer, we mostly train easy but long, up to 3-4 hours with running, cycling, or roller skiing. In autumn, we go roller skiing and shoot. They are usually 6 sets of tough 5-6 minutes with shooting in between the intervals.

Do you train together as sisters?

Ida’s Fun Fact: I ran my best races of the season when Guro was in Lillehammer with me for a week. She should be here more often! I think she’s my lucky charm.

Guro: You bet I am! 😊 No honestly, training together is always a lot of fun. Although the distance does make it tricky. We push each other and compete against each other every time we work out.

Snacking sweets or healthy habits?

Guro: I lead a very conscious lifestyle. I mostly eat healthy food. An important part of my diet is gluten-free food, because I feel unwell when eating too much bread or pasta. I also stay away from sugar, avoid sick people as best as I can, and wash my hands regularly. Other than that, FitLine helps me stay healthy during training and work. I have a part-time job at a nursing home for the demented, which can be very challenging at times. Since taking FitLine products (like Activize, Basics, Restorate, and CellProtection AntiOxy), I have gone almost a year with only a few days off.

You include the FitLine products in your daily routine. If you could sum them up in three words, what would they be?


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