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Personal coaches support their clients’ fitness goals by making general suggestions about the kind of food to eat to complement their workout. Not all personal trainers have the same approach. They don’t all give the same athletic or nutrition advice.

Internationally certified fitness and personal coach Raul Gabellini, for example, is not a fan of carbs. Raul doesn’t object to carbs per se. In particular, it’s rice, pasta, and bread he likes to avoid. “Because there are countless other suppliers of carbs, like sweet potatoes, beet, corn, lentils or kidney beans,” Raul points out. “Even potatoes are fine, as long as they are not processed with fat,” he adds.

Before workouts, his clients need to make sure that they have enough energy – they’re going to need. They don’t just come to do Pilates or yoga. They come for intense workouts to burn a lot of calories. The idea is to feed the body 3 hours prior to the workout.

Raul Gabellini

Load up on Proteins

Mr. and Mrs. Everybody, who want to shape their body, should do sports 2-3 times a week and focus on a protein-based diet. Raul encourages a diet which isn’t too heavy and delivers energy quickly, with lean proteins (white fish and meat, egg whites, tofu, cottage cheese) and nutrient-rich vegetables. He suggests meals like grilled chicken breasts and peeled jacket potatoes. If you still feel hungry you can have light soup (like carrot soup) up to an hour before working out.

The Good Kind of Fast Food

For people doing sessions in the morning, time is of the essence. For those who don’t have a lot of time to eat beforehand, Raul suggests breakfast quickies with ingredient that can be always on stock: Zwieback with cottage cheese, honey, or marmalade (But watch out: marmalade should not contain added sugar. Ideally: self-made!). If you need a healthy snack on the go, try apple compote (no-added sugar here as well!). Needless to say that FitLine’s ProShape All-in-1s and ProShape 2 gos are always great, delicious, and hassle free alternatives to take on the run.

Many roads lead to Rome, and there are probably just as many different diets to complement your fitness journey. The key word to look out for is “balance.” This also means always adjusting your diet as you go along. Because as you build muscles your body will automatically need more energy to burn.


Raul Gabellini

Raul Gabellini is an internationally certified strength and conditioning coach, fitness and personal trainer, as well as a certified nutrition and Pilates coach. Since 2012, he owns and runs fitness studios. He also supports the men of Kärjeng Handball since 2015 as fitness coach and has celebrated winning the Luxembourg Cup 2015 and Luxembourgish Championship 2018 with them.




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