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Get a Move on for a Strong Immune System

Life’s demands throughout the year takes a toll on us: stress at work and at home, physical fitness fluctuating all over, sometimes high, sometimes low. All external factors challenge the body’s defenses. When the sun decides to take a break during fall, cold and wet weather joins in as another troublemaker for the immune system. But even though it might not we as warm and sunny outside anymore as it was during the summer, that shouldn’t keep you from doing sports. Because working out with appropriate intensity helps to strengthen the immune system during the cold season.

Lycke Karlsson is a successful up-and-coming track and field athlete from Finland. She’s the European Champion of the Deaf in 800m and Finnish Indoor-Vice Champion in 1,500m run. As a Scandinavian, she knows how to deal with freezing temperatures. Workouts in the Finnish taiga are part of her everyday life – just like the FitLine products since January, which help her to regenerate after every workout. Lycke’s 7 expert tips will help you stay fit during the cooler seasons.

7 Running Tips Brought to You by Lycke Karlsson

1. Your outfit needs to be on point. With the layered look – different layers of clothing on top of each other – you can shed the top layers as you break a sweat during your workout. 

2. Choose the right shoes! Investing in a pair of good and suitable running shoes is always worth it. 

3. Warm up about 20 minutes and start slowly. 

4. Change it up a bit. Include exercises for coordination. 

5. Intervals increase your personal fitness level. 

6. Catch a breath. Take your time for a cool-down. Walk around for about 15 minutes. 

7. Finish off with a stretching to keep your muscles in shape. 


Take a look at how Lycke does it:


By the way: the FitLine Fitness-Drink is the ideal support for your workout! The isotonic carbohydrate solution contributes to maintaining performance levels before, during and after endurance training. Magnesium contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.


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