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Anton Sæten lives in Voss, Norway, known as “the cradle of extreme sports.” He loves spending time in the air, so freestyle skiing became his choice of extreme after doing biathlon successfully for a couple of years. As the winter sport season is slowly picking up speed, we want to learn all about his passion. How does he prepare during the summer to become the best version of himself on the slopes and how does FitLine help him?

Freestyle skiing is part of the counter-culture – a kind of renegade lifestyle. Is freestyle skiing as an expression of your rebel self or why do you do it?

Yes, I totally agree! There are a lot of different personalities up in the slopes and you can meet a lot of interesting people. But the reason I started, is because of the rush it gives me. Ever since my dad took me to the slopes for the first time when I was 11, I knew I had a heart for this. The excitement and the adrenaline rush I get from freestyle skiing is something I can’t get from any other sport. My brother and I even did double flips on cross-country skis as kids. I’ll be very honest, several high-quality ones even broke.

Anton (right) and his brother Bjørnar

What’s your favorite discipline: big air, slopestyle, or half pipe?

Slopestyle! The discipline is super playful with great variety. None of the courses are the same – the possibilities are virtually endless. But I have to say that the big jump section is the most fun in slopestyle. I love spending time in the air!

What does the off-season look like for you?

I love to be versatile and playful in the summer, so I do all kinds of different activities. There is a natural river wave in my hometown for surfing and it is not far to travel to a good ocean spot either. I also like summer skiing, off-road biking, running and whatever is fun.

Away from white snowy slopes: summer time fun at the beach

How do you prepare for the season?

Cliff and trampoline jumping are always a blast. I get a lot of ideas for new tricks and it improves my body awareness in the air. It’s important for me to visualize new tricks before I try them out in the air and on the rails. Strength and coordination training is also a big part of my preparation. It helps to protect my body against injuries after landing big jumps. I also watch other skiers and make note of all the little details that can make a difference.

How does FitLine support you and how do you integrate the products into your daily routine?

I had 130 days of skiing last winter. FitLine gives me the focus I need when I hit the biggest jumps and it helps me stay injury free and well recovered.
I love the products and it is part of my every day habit like brushing my teeth. I take the Optimal-Set, ProShape (Amino), Heart-Duo and Munogen. Protein-Ultra and PowerMeal are perfect “fast-food” in my backpack when I am skiing.

Check out a series of Anton’s cool tricks.

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