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Born in 1997 in Marseille in the sunny south of France, Melvyn Richardson played his first handball match at the age of 8. At the young age of 17, he followed in the footsteps of his father, Jackson Richardson, and played his first ever match in the French Division 1, the highest handball league in the country. Soon after, Melvyn is drafted for the French national team to play the last qualifying match of the European Cup 2018. The right back scored his first goal in his first match. Just one year later, Melvyn and the French squad win the 3rdplace in the World Cup held in Germany and Denmark.

Professional athletes always need to be able to deliver their full potential. It is crucial to listen to your body and its needs to put it in the best possible condition to go full ham before, during, and after every match. Nutrition plays a big part in enabling athletes to fall back on those power reserves.

Melvyn has been taking the FitLine products from the beginning because caring about optimal supply runs in the family. In fact, his father already used the FitLine products and he played for the French national team for 15 years.

If you want to know more about Melvyn and how FitLine is a reliable and safe partner, to boost his performance, check out this video interview he did with our French team:


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