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Here at the PM-International Headquarters in Schengen/Luxembourg, we’re all about cycling these days. The German pro cycling race Deutschland Tour started yesterday, with a course leading right past our doors…well almost. In four scenic stages throughout South West Germany, 132 pro cyclists organized in 22 teams, amongst them many German star riders and international talents, fight for the win. On Saturday, August 25, we’ll be present right at the stage 3 finish line to provide you with some behind-the-scenes insights.

For most of us however, it might be a bit late for pro career ambitions. But still, hitting the bike is a great way to do something for your body AND the environment at the same time…and to have fun while you’re at it!

Still not convinced? Here are 5 killer arguments to get you into the saddle – and some pro tips for new cyclists:

1. It’s for all ages and fitness levels

Cycling is an excellent exercise choice, no matter if you’re looking to increase your strength and stamina, want to improve your health, or simply are trying to spend more time outdoors. Double the fun and take your whole family on a tour! Buckle up your little ones in a bike seat or trailer, and with e-bikes and cycling being a low-impact sport that’s easy on the joints, even grandparents can tag along.

2. It contributes to weight loss and muscle endurance

Cycling burns some serious calories. Between 400 and 1000 per hour to be exact, depending on your weight and the intensity of your workout. In addition, spending time on your bike helps to strengthen your glutes, thighs, calves, and even abs and upper body. 

3. It’s an anywhere sport

Race the streets on your road bike, roam the great outdoors with a mountain bike, ride a hip single-speed on your commute…the possibilities are endless! And if exercising “al fresco” is not quite your thing, why not hit the gym for a sweaty spinning class?

4. It’s fun and social

Apart from the endorphins released by exercise and the mood-boosting benefits of being outdoors, biking is a wonderful way to socialize. If you don’t have any training buddies among your friends, be sure to find some at your local cycling club.

5. It’s green

Using your bike instead of a car or public transport produces zero pollutants and contributes to reduce CO2 emissions and the consumption of fossil fuels. Don’t have time or energy to exercise after a long day at the office? Make your commute your workout – your body and the environment will thank you!


Time to pedal away? Here’s some advice to get you started!


Pick the right equipment

Yes, cycling can be an expensive hobby, but no need to go overboard in the beginning. Just make sure to invest into good-quality basics and most importantly, your safety! A fitted bike and helmet are non-negotiables. The fancier equipment can be added bit by bit as you collect more miles under your belt.

✓ Remember to fuel!

There is a reason why bike jerseys have snack pockets in the back. Why not take our tasty and nutritious Fruit Bar or Power Meal for a ride? Make sure to give your body what it needs – hydration and electrolytes are key! Heavy legs post-ride? Try a mineral supplement like FitLine Restorate for a better regeneration.

✓ Get to know your machine

You don’t want to end up with a puncture and no idea how to fix it on your first solo ride. Get smart about some basic bike maintenance and always pack a repair kit to keep the malfunctions at bay.


Ready to go like a pro? Don’t forget to check out the pro riders at Deutschland Tour and stay tuned for more cycling stories next week!

For further information about all things cycling – the pro and leisure kind – head over to our cooperation partner, the German Cycling Federation BDR e.V.

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