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FitMeUp Challenge

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2018/06/08 12:00:00

#FitMeUp Challenge Recap


#FitMeUp equals 25 years of FitLine experience in the world of Sports packed into 30 days that will change your life and bring your fitness to the next level.


Is the #FitMeUp-Challenge for me? Find out easily. Do you fit into one of the three categories below:

ZERO to FIT – not fit at all but will definitely start
FIT to FITTER – fairly fit but with some guidance I can be fitter
FITTER to FITTEST – fit but I can always do better


We’re here to give you the knowledge and the tools you need to make the little changes to get started and to give you the best advice and insights to keep you going.



Having the right mindset is crucial to reach your goals, both mental and physical. And to achieve the right mindset, a good fitness and physical health help a great deal!

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