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Beautiful skin demands attention and commitment. Only few people are blessed with flawless skin without putting much effort into it. For the rest of us, it seems to be a constant struggle to find out, what our skin needs to glow. Hands up of you’re still trying to find the best skin care routine for yourselves. Particularly young skin has many problems. It hates stress and often lacks moisture. It is easily irritated and also a playground for impurities and break-outs (and yes, even adults have pimples). While there are numerous products out there to tackle individual problem areas, there has been no overall solution – until now!

Suitable For All Needs

Say hello to the new FitLine skin Cleansing Foam, Peeling Mask, and Balancing Cream. We at PM-International have specially created these Young Care products, designed for all young skin types up to the age of 30. Anja Wunder, Director of Cosmetics, explains: “Skin health has become increasingly important in the last years. Still, many struggle to find products most suitable for their needs. Especially if they have to tackle multiple problem areas at once. A proper daily skin care routine with the new FitLine skin set is our solution for you.” This new set of natural cosmetics will make your daily skin care routine an absolute no-brainer, because it provides you with everything you need to help you “be simply you.”

A New Holistic Solution

When it comes to developing a skin care routine that truly maximizes the visible health of your skin, FitLine skin Young Care is the new holistic solution. The set brings together a Cleansing Foam, Peeling Mask, and Balancing Cream.. Unlike common cleansers, the Cleansing Foam is free of sulfate and instead based on a combination of natural plant extracts and natural, washing active amino-acids. It doesn’t only cleanse but also moisturizes the skin for a clean, clear and silky-smooth complexion. The Peeling Mask gently removes dead skin cells, stimulates micro-circulation, absorbs excess sebum and refines the pores. A big plus for our environment: the peeling grains are 100% biodegradable. Finally, the Balancing Cream offers unique soft care for the morning and evening.

Shine Naturally

As the Balancing Cream is not rinsed off, unlike the foam and the mask, its ingredients have time to work on the skin. Therefore, for maximum effectiveness, the basis of the cream is the exclusive Nutrient Transport Concept (NTC). It brings the nutrients to where they are needed, exactly when they are needed, to the cellular level. “In this case, we have combined our NTC with an ingenious, natural active ingredient complex which holistically addresses diverse skin problems of young skin and brings it back into perfect balance. We want to help your skin reflect naturally how beautiful you are on the inside,” says Anja Wunder.

Let’s be honest, from the overwhelming selection out there, it’s hard to pick THE one. With this set you don’t have to worry about making the wrong choice to meet the demands of your skin.

Want to find out how to use the products in your daily routine? Check out this article.


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