Whether it’s during the summer vacation or in the after-work evenings, sometimes we’d rather embrace our inner couch potato than unleash the hidden hulk. Especially now, with temperatures rising almost beyond the bearable, slumbering around in sweat pants, with one ice cream the right and another in the left hand, seems like dream come true. The pure bliss of doing absolutely nothing is so rewarding from time to time. But beware the mighty couch potato setting up its tents to stay.

Things to tell you the struggle is real: 

  • The couch has an imprint of your butt
  • Flipping through channels is the only exercise you do
  • You experience the horror of lying down, browsing Facebook, and then dropping the phone on your face
  • You are a triathlete champion in eat, sleep, and repeat
  • You’re exhausted from doing absolutely nothing all day…

But don’t worry – we’ve got your back to get you back on track. Here are some tips and tricks, and motivational quotes from FitLine athletes to get your body moving:

Imagine how you’ll feel afterwards

Imagination is such a powerful tool. Motivate yourself by thinking about how good it feels to have done something. You’ve felt it before, so revive those satisfying feelings of accomplishment.

✓ Pack your bags

Pack a bag with sport clothes and take it to work with you. That way you can go straight to the gym or get active somewhere outside without having to go back home first to change. Experience has shown that the force of attraction of a comfy couch is just too big once you get close to it.

✓ Reward yourself

This one of the most fun ways to motivate yourself. Make a plan to reward yourself with something you really love when you have reached a certain goal. For example, reward yourself with a good book, beautiful flowers, or a new shirt from your favorite store.

✓ Get friends and family involved

Life’s better together. Incorporate fun activities into outings with friends and family. Go hiking with your best friends or spend a fun day at the pool on family Sunday. Being active will seem like a sideshow, when you’re having fun together.

✓ Take it easy

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If you have decided to go for a 5km, but have already reached your personal limit after 3km, that’s fine. Just roll with the punches. Don’t be hard on yourself for not reaching your goal, but be proud of having done something at all.





So, are you ready to get those muscles pumping? 


And if you do sports, make sure to complement your workouts accordingly to give your body what it needs. Find out more here

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