We’re approaching the end of the FitLine Summer Body Challenge and by now you probably have your FitLine routine and your workout routine set and hopefully already seeing the results. That’s great , because routines actually work, and one of the reasons they work so well, is because of how our brains are programmed. Human brains love automation because it is much less energy draining than rethinking and overthinking over and over again.

Our successful FitLine Athletes mastered the “Workout Routine Philosophy” to the bones and they were so kind as to share it with you. Check them out below!

Achim Heukemes – Keep on running

You know Achim, he’s always on the run – quite literally. To do so, his routines are planned from morning till night. After getting up in the morning, Achim ‘The Legend’ Heukemes, starts his day with Basics and Activize, also known as PowerCocktail, and he also recently added Munogen to that routine. As the day progresses, while he’s working out, he prepares a Fitness-Drink with Activize. Adding Activize makes him feel like he’s having 15% extra oxygen supply. Whenever he’s planning very enduring cycling sessions of 6 hours and more, he takes six ProShape Amino capsules before the start, and six capsules after finishing, for. In between, he often eats a FitLine Protein bar. Sometimes with chocolate sometimes without. It really only depends on his mood and the temperature outside.

Jana Stewart – Stronger together

Jana ‘Beasley’ Stewart is a professional bodybuilder from the USA and a daily FitLine user for almost 3 years. Whenever she’s not very motivated she reminds herself why she is competing on this level. Her goal is to live a long, healthy, active, and happy life, surrounded by her family. Jana Stewart’s Fitness Routine is all about energy. Starting her workout off with popping ProShape Amino and preparing PowerCocktail and drinking it throughout the workout and ending it with another ProShape Amino. After powering through her workout Jana usually goes for a self-massage with a black roll. The black roll not only stretches muscles after stress, but it also helps to relieve sore muscles.

Michael Parchment - FitLine

Michael Parchment – FitLine

Michael Parchment – What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Four-time TAGB World Tae Kwon Do Champion and personal trainer, Michael Parchment, living in Norway is a keen FitLine user. As an athlete and personal trainer, it is important to him what products he adds to his daily routine, and what products he recommends to his clients. Basics and Activize in the morning are how he starts his days for an instant wake-up and great energy release. But his absolute favorite is Munogen and Activize during his workout routine. He claims to be able to run forever, push harder, better cardio workout. As a personal trainer, his routine directly affects the routine of his clients too. Which means, he knows what he’s doing to his body and to his customer’s body.

Have you set your FitLine Routines during this challenge? We’re eager to hear what works best for you. Leave a comment below or text us on Facebook and Instagram.

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