Summer is coming. Are you thinking about that beach body yet? Now is the ideal time to reconsider your habits and do your body some serious good. No matter if it’s finally making a healthy diet a priority, becoming a regular at the gym, or shedding those few extra kilos that stayed after holiday indulgence. Here at PM-International, many of us have just started the Summer Body Challenge to bounce back. Curious about this concept? Check it out here

New beginnings are always magical, but the real work starts after the initial burst of motivation has faded. We’ve compiled five tips to help you crush your fitness goals this summer.

  • Start small and work your way up. Set realistic ambitions, plan your meals and workouts – and stick to them! Telling friends and family about your plans or your participation in the Summer Body Challenge will hold you accountable. On the other hand, try to keep your balance. Putting too much pressure on yourself can lead to frustration and will ultimately have you lose your motivation. Instead, take your time to ease in and never ever lose sight of your target.  

  • Make room for new rituals. Rituals make habits stick. So why not kick off your health journey with our 14-day FitLine D-Drink program, with only one portion a day? It’s a delicious all-round solution that contributes to the maintenance of normal liver function[i] and metabolism[ii]. Take a little downtime each day and enjoy this delicious combination of high-quality natural ingredients, which is low in sugars (exclusive stevia extract). Our NTC® supports optimum nutrient intake. Planning to participate in the Summer Body Challenge? Perfect – the D-Drink is the ideal preparation. If you already started the Summer Body Challenge, no problem. It is also a great companion during the program. 
  • Get in the kitchen. This is not about depriving yourself. The goal is to make healthy, flavorful cooking a fun part of your routine. Think veggies, lean protein, and healthy fats – and the occasional piece of dark chocolate when the sugar cravings hit. Need inspiration? Have a look at our easy recipes

  • Sweat it out. Regular exercise is an incredible mood-booster and will help you shed those unwanted kilos. Still not convinced? Check out our motivation hacks and FitLine Shape workouts to get those muscles pumping!


  • Hit the hay, not the snooze button. Being your best self is so much easier when you’re feeling well-rested. Try going to bed and getting up at your regular time to help your body establish your new healthy routines.

Do you have a secret recipe to set fitness goals and stick to them? Tell us in the comment section!

[i] Choline contributes to the maintenance of normal liver function.

[ii] Chromium contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism.

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