Many self-made women and men around the globe have created an empire from absolutely nothing, simply by taking matters in their own hands.This also includes all the Team Partners in the PM Family that prove every day that the benefits of working in direct sales are crystal clear: The freedom of working according to your own ideas and the opportunity of becoming financially independent, no matter what your social or professional background is.

But being your own boss also means getting out there and being confident every day and staying motivated no matter which obstacles you have to face. Sometimes the struggle gets real – whether you are new to this or have worked with direct selling for decades. Some days might even make you question why you chose this career. But don’t worry, this is perfectly normal. We have all been there. The important thing is not to get stuck in these situations. How you handle them is what makes or breaks your success.

Therefore, with the help of no-one less than the entrepreneur behind PM-International, Rolf Sorg, we have compiled some hands-on advice to help you stay passionate as you grow your business.


Choose your attitude

Having a positive mindset can make all the difference in direct selling. In order to succeed, you have to truly believe that you can do it. Don’t let a bad mood determine you, instead focus on the good things. Be bold – it’s your business, so let it reflect you. Someone who is authentically enthusiastic about what they are doing will always attract other people’s attention. And remember that fear is not necessarily a bad thing. Great things always happen outside the comfort zone, so don’t be afraid to push your limits from time to time.


✓ Visualize your success

Whenever you need a boost, just think of the all great things to come – be it reaching your next distribution level, the recognition of someone you sponsor, or a wish you can fulfill with your next bonus. But most importantly, always remember why you are doing this. Knowing who you want to be will help you get past the obstacles. The key is to make this vision stronger and more vibrant than any negative feelings that might confront you on your way.

Be a team player

Yes, it’s called being your OWN boss. But hey, we’re PM Family for a reason and teamwork never fails to make the dream work. Don’t only reach out to your network when you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed. Always remember there are incredibly successful and experienced people in this network who can tell you more about this business any book could ever do. If you want to be inspired and learn from the best, PM is organizing monthly business academies in every country. It’s a great place to get a breath of fresh air, to bring your motivation up to the next level. Take and give back. Learn and teach. Being a mentor and helping others to reach new heights can give you an enormous motivation boost as well. After all, we rise by lifting others.


✓ Remember the comeback is always stronger than the setback

As frustrating as they can be, it’s normal to experience setbacks and also to plateau. You know, that feeling of being stuck in a routine without seeing any progress. Just keep going! Being successful means never giving up, even when things get tough. Try to see setbacks as a chance to grow, it will make them easier to cope with. Every successful person has experienced challenging phases in their career and in the long run, the roadblocks in your way will make you a better business leader too.

You see, if you let yourself in on this journey called entrepreneurship, you will learn that your challenges are what makes you stronger. Just hang in there and keep your spirits up, you got this! And for those who haven’t decided if they should start their business: The best time to do it is NOW!

Have you ever been stuck in your career and gotten over it? How did you do? Share it in the comments section!

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