2018! What a year! PM-International was as successful as never before in its history, reaching rank #36 in the Direct Selling News Global 100. PM broke every record you can imagine, counting 1,700 Europe Tour participants, breaking sales record after sales record in countries all over the world: Germany, Taiwan, Australia, Indonesia, France, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, … the list just doesn’t end. When I say that PM-International had a year of superlatives, what I’m actually talking about is that YOU had a year of superlatives. Because who else is responsible for the sales, if not every single Team Partner!? Thanks to our dear Team Partners, PM-International is literally going off the charts!

PM-International is a family run business and we know how important it is to be humble but frankly, we’re expecting exactly the same to happen in 2019 and more! After all, who’s going to stop our Team Partners? Not us, that’s for sure! Their passion and motivation is an unstoppable force stirring up the whole industry! You can be part of this crazy ride. You can bring your Business to the next level. It’s pretty easy. If others can do it, you can do it too!

Build Relationships

Building relationships is not everybody’s cup of tea. You’re introvert, you’re shy, or maybe even both. No problem. You built relationships before, despite being introvert or shy. You and your granny, for example, have one thing in common you should strive for with every potential customer: A long-term relationship built on trust that goes far beyond a casual transactional relationship. I really do hope you’re not only contacting your nana when you need cash! Right? You’re genuinely interested in her well-being and her health, and you want to be there for her when she needs you, don’t you? Genuine interest for the other person, taking some time to listen to them, and making them feel appreciated. Congratulations! You have just completed “How to build relationships 101”. That’s how simple building relationships is.

Sell your brand

Easy, right? The key word here is self-monetization. When you enter the world of direct sales and you decide to be successful at what you’re doing you have to become your brand and your brand has to become you. That doesn’t mean that you should build a fake image of yourself. People aren’t stupid, they can see right through fakeness. It might sound a little bit crazy because we are so used to wear masks – but just keep it plain and simple and be yourself! Yes, be radically you! You represent your business 24/7 because everything you do and everything you say contributes to your image and that’s exactly how successful brands work. Grab a mirror, take a deep look at yourself and repeat after me: “Look at me! I am the brand now!”

Be a Leader

Here’s the thing. Being a PM-International Team Partner you have two major goals:

  1. More financial independence and more flexible working hours for yourself and your team;
  2. More well-being, beauty, and a better quality of life for you and your customers.

To reach those goals PM-International provides you with several tools. Next to marketing and information material, PM-International also offers a thorough Training Program, Business Academies, National Congresses, Kick-Offs, the Leadership event, Info Brochures, and so much more. All these things will help you to succeed in reaching your goals. Thousands of others have done it before you. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Copying successful people, doing what they do and adapting it to your own personality and lifestyle is really easy. But we’re talking about something deeper, concealed from the eye, something that you can sense in others and you recognise when you see it. It’s called Leadership. The question is, can you summon it in yourself? And the answer is: Yes and No! Whether you think you have the potential to be a leader or not, you’re right in both cases. Because being a leader is a mindset! Lead by example. Show passion and compassion. Most importantly: Have a vision of where you want to be at the end of 2019 and pin in it on top of your new year’s resolution list.

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