“Girl, you look tired! Are you OK?” Does this sound familiar to you, even though until that moment you felt pretty OK about yourself and not tired at all? It is not unusual that these sordid misinterpretations are linked to the skin around your eyes.

To make the area around your eyes look as fresh as possible, for as long as possible, it just needs the right care. Check out the following tips and tricks and don’t give tired eyes a chance to ruin your day:

Beauty sleep does make you more beautiful

Nothing is more important and healthy for our body than getting enough sleep. Each day our bodies create millions of new cells. Some are active around the clock, others are nocturnal. During the resting phase, they divide up to 10 times quicker. Old, used cells are disposed of, others are being repaired. In the morning, this makes the skin feel firmer and smoother.

First aid after a long night out

Despite all the good resolutions, there are nights where you get very little to no sleep. Naturally, make-up artists have additional tricks to remodel their client to be suitable to stand in front of a camera. What the spectators see are bright eyes and concealed small wrinkles. One easy thing they do is mixing moisturizing care with skin colored eye shadow; the shimmering particles blend with the eye wrinkles and straighten them visually. With a concealer that is just a nuance lighter than the skin stone, you can conceal darker circles around the eyes. For those who want to go even further, you can use instant lifting products, like Ultimate Young by FitLine skin for instant effects. You can apply Ultimate Young on eye wrinkles around your eyes, on your forehead or on your cheeks. With this product, you can easily spirit away the ageing signs of the last 5 years.

Proper care – When, what, how?

To avoid those distinct ageing signs a good skin care is paramount (besides of a healthy way of life, of course). But beware, the area around your eyes is very sensitive and needs special attention. The usual day cream or night cream is not recommended for eye care due to its specific ingredients. Added perfumes can irritate the area around the eyes and many producers renounce on adding them in their eye care products. The most important qualities for a good eye skin care are moisturizer, like hyaluronic acids, amino acids and plant-based additives, like wheat germ oil or green tea extract. Q10 supports the energy metabolism of the cells and strengthens the sensitive skin around the eyes. To delay the formation of deeper wrinkles as long as possible, every woman should use a specific eye cream starting in their mid-twenties. A moisturizing cream should suffice to start with. After having reached 30 years, it is well advised to use creams that stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin and that protect the cells, like peptides, enzymes, yeast extracts, antioxidants, vitamins and micronutrients. Not only the WHAT’S IN IT is crucial, but especially the HOW TO APPLY IT. Frenetic rubbing is a big no-no when applying the eye skin care. You best only apply three small spots: one beneath the brows, one in the angle of the eyes and one below your eyes. Then softly pat the dots with your ring finger (it is less strong than for example the middle finger).

Makeup – removing me softly

When it comes to removing makeup, the same rules apply: NO RUBBING! Quick movements damage the collagen and elastin fibers and increase the formation of wrinkles. The best way to do it is to hold a cotton pad, soaked in makeup removal liquid until it has fully absorbed the makeup. Repeat until it has been completely absorbed.


Pressure can help avoiding wrinkles as well

“That’s not true! The opposite is the case” some of you might say. And you’re right if you’re talking about pressure as stress. There is a special acupressure technique which supposedly avoids the formation of wrinkles if applied daily. This is how it works: put pressure above the inner eye angle just below the eye brow, then on the eye angle itself, in the middle under the lower lid edge, on the outer eye angle and the end of the brow. Repeat several times.

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