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The skin is the largest organ in the human body and our natural protection shield against all kinds of environmental influences. Especially in winter it protects us from dry, cold and windy air that attacks our skin cells lowering the moisture content and nutrient supply, and thus endangering its natural acid film. To make sure it is perfectly equipped against all odds, the right skin care will help you to protect and prevent your skin from potential damage and stress.

No chance for cold and dryness

The sensitive skin of our face gets especially stressed during cold winter months. Therefore, a high level of hydration is crucial to avoid dryness. Hydrating your skin with the right combination of ingredients is essential for a nice, smooth and glowing skin. The ingredient coenzyme Q10 is a great benefit in skincare products as it plays a pivotal role in all metabolic processes in the human body. It supports the skin’s biological cell processes and activates its own protective mechanisms. Molecular oxygen promotes the cell regeneration and improves cell respiration. Go for a Q10 containing protective 24-hour face or body care to support your skin with all the moisture it needs. You are perfectly equipped with FitLine med Q10 Oxy Repair Face and FitLine med Q10 Oxy Repair Body.

Glowing from the inside out

To make sure your skin glows from the inside out, keep it not only moisturized from the outside but have it hydrated from the inside as well. You hear or read all the time that you should drink two to three liters per day and for good reason. As our body consists of a large part of water itself, there is no better liquid to ensure that body functions can work properly to keep the metabolism going. Water carries oxygen and nutrients to all cells and is the primary building block of them. So, make sure you provide your body with plenty of water every single day.

Last-minute help with irritations

In case you suffer from spots that are especially irritated or dry during winter, like elbows, hands or legs, make sure you pay special attention to them. Use skincare products that support a fast and effective regeneration to help your epidermal cells to soothe. Products with Q10 are particularly impactful, not only because of the aforementioned reasons, but as they penetrate into the skin and stimulate cell regeneration. Q10 supplies your skin with energy, elasticity and protection. FitLine med Q10 Oxy Repair Intensive contains it, for example.

Don’t forget your lips

Lips are one of the most sensitive skin parts of the face. Dry air causes lips to become flaky, peeling or even cracking. Treat them with special care and use anti-inflammatory lip balms that are moisturizing at the same time. The allrounder enzyme Q10 is especially suitable to repair and protect your lips and serves as a protecting coat against all outer influences.

All FitLine Q10 Oxy Repair products are not only patented and without animal testing, but are odor and dye free and don’t include added preservatives. The perfect match for your skin!



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