As soon as we feel the first warm rays of sun touching our skin, see colorful blossoms appearing everywhere and hear lively birds’ twittering on every corner, we know that the winter season is finally over. Spring time is a symbol of renewal and rejuvenation, so we spring-clean our houses, our cars, and remove the remaining dust and dirt from the last months to make everything shine and glow again. What better way to enjoy the freshness of our surroundings than feeling and looking refreshed ourselves? The following secrets will tell you everything you need to know about cultivating a clean, fresh and pure skin, so that it fits perfectly with your fresh and clean surroundings.

Daily skin care routine is essential – in the morning and evening

Let’s start with the basics. When washing your face with a cream cleanser use lukewarm water as hot water will dry out your skin. Face skin is super sensitive, so make sure you wash it gently and don’t scrub. After washing, avoid rubbing your skin with a towel as unnecessary stretching will lead to wrinkles. Just dab your face gently. Take a soft cotton ball, apply toner on it and move it in small circles across your face to reduce enlarged pores, excess oil and close the acid mantle of the skin. Furthermore, the toner will refresh, revitalize and hydrate your skin. Prepared for further treatment, gently apply your cream and make sure you use one which is enriched with ingredients which help to reduce blemishes and imperfections to give your skin the last finishing touch.

Regular exfoliation makes your skin radiate

Exfoliation helps to reduce dead skin cells that shed daily thus clearing the way for new ones. The accumulation of dead skin cells on the skin leads to clogged pores and can cause acne impurities. You can as well use a cleansing brush while washing your face to better remove dead skin cells, giving your face a slight massage at the same time. Just remember that exfoliating once per week should be more than enough as too much exfoliation can result in inflammation.

The right ingredients set the tone

For a pure and radiant skin on the long-term, make sure you use products that consist of high-quality and avoid products with dehydrating ingredients. The ingredient urea, for example, loosens the cornea and the path to impurities can be cleared. Antibacterial and anti-oxidant ingredients like rosemary help your skin to prevent inflammations as the skin oil can no longer oxidize. Silver is another ingredient that serves your skin in an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial way.

You clean your skin from the outside, so why not supporting your skin by cleaning it from the inside as well? The right nutrition is essential for a good skin. Sugary and greasy meals can lead to outbreaks on your skin more often than eating healthier options like low-fat or fresh meals, for example, vegetables or fruit. Broccoli is a quickly prepared side dish that contains almost no fat, a lot of vitamin C and is a natural immune system booster. Spice your meals with Curcuma to profit from its natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and hypoallergenic characteristics or ginger for the extra kick empowering your immune system.

Stress and sleep are skin-influencer

Our skin is so sensitive that it reacts to longer stress periods or sleep deprivation. We all know how our skin looks after a couple of missing hours of sleep. The natural and healthy glow is gone and our face appears tired and pale. Like sleep, stress is another factor that steals our radiance. A stressful period at work, for example, accompanied by fast-food meals and an irregular eating schedule are the worst combination for our skin. Preventing stress is sometimes easier said than done, so make sure you take time for regular rest periods and time-outs to provide the necessary balance you and your skin need.

Beware of behavior that impacts skin negatively

Little daily habits can additionally support a glowing skin. Sometimes, we are so absorbed in our daily life that we forget that putting our hands into the face when resting our head in front of the PC, for example, is a little behavioral habit that we can avoid easily. Impurities causing bacteria and germs can not only be transported from your hands to the face but from your phone as well. So, make sure you clean it regularly. When you spring-clean your house the next time don’t forget to change your pillowcases as well, as bacteria and dead skin cells like to sleep on it with you and can cause breakouts on your freshly washed face.

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