Whether it’s a business trip or vacation, traveling around can be a real challenge for the healthy habits of your everyday routine you’re trying so hard to stick to. How many times have you returned from traveling (even if it was just a couple of days) and gained a few extra kilos? It’s because it’s so much harder making smart and healthy choices when you’re dislocated from your familiar surroundings. These tips will make it easier to stay healthy and on track during your travels.

Perfectly Prepared Before Leaving

Pack wisely: Organized packing and perfect preparation is the first step to stay healthy while traveling. Make sure that you don’t miss out on things that are part of your daily routine, like the FitLine PowerCocktail and Restorate, for example. Particularly suitable for on the go, we offer portable sachets, which you can pack and assort according to your needs. Fill your suitcase with as many as you need during your travels. You don’t want to start into the day without the energizing PowerCocktail. And your evening wind-down is just so much better with Restorate.

Do your homework: With healthy food stores and diet-friendly restaurants on the rise, it won’t be a problem scouting for the best places to eat well. If the city you’re going to has a food guide, you’ll be sure to find it on the internet. So, check it out before you leave and make a list of places which will meet your dietary needs.

While Traveling on the Plane

Basically, you should try to avoid processed plane food. Now, we know that nobody (at least only a few) has time to prepare a healthy meal to carry onto the plane. Even if they did, it would probably be subject to additional security screenings. Why go through that extra trouble and stress while traveling? Much easier and much more convenient, at least for short distance flights, is to pick and pack from the selection of our FitLine bars on the go, like the White Choco-Slim ProShape 2 go, Choco-Slim ProShape 2 go, Berry Crunch bar, or Power Meal bar. They will help bridge the time until you get the next healthy meal.

Bonus: Healthy, enjoyable and agreeable travels may also include maintaining a fresh breath of air. If not for yourself, then at least with others in mind. From experience, we know that everyone appreciates a fresh breath when spending long period sitting close to each other on a plane. Pack up FitLine Fresh for minty freshness.

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Cook your own meals: If you’re staying in an accommodation with a kitchen, take the time to prepare your own meals. It works both on business trips and vacations. Consider it as a way to wind down after a stressful working day. If you’re on vacation, you have time enough anyway. Use it to spend it with the kids and have fun while preparing a healthy fresh meal together.

Move: Okay, it’s more challenging to squeeze exercise into your schedule when travelling for work. However, most hotels are equipped with gyms, and there should be time to take at least 30 minutes for exercising. If you’re on vacation, long stretches of lying on the beach – even though this is relaxing! – can make you feel sluggish and stiff. Remember to move your body and practice gentle exercise – walking, stretching, yoga, swimming, or whatever you enjoy are helpful. City trips are even better, because all the sightseeing has you moving enough already as it is.

Water: We keep repeating ourselves, since it this topic has come up more than once on this blog previously. But it IS JUST THAT IMPORTANT! Pack up a portable FitLine water bottle and stay hydrated throughout the day for business meetings, lazy days at the beach, or sightseeing trips through the city.

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