As PM-International Team Partner, devoted FitLine user, and proud Demo Bag owner you’ve heard the famous three words a million times: ‘Use. Talk. Demo.’

What exactly does ‘Use. Talk. Demo.’ mean?


Apart of all the benefits of using the FitLine products daily, like having more energy and an improved overall well-being, using the FitLine products is the foundation of your business. You are going to be the first person to notice the change in your life. Soon family and friends will notice too, and if they don’t already know the reason why, they will start asking what exactly changed your life.

When you are talking about what products you use and how they improved the quality of your life, you become a product of the product and that makes the best testimonial you can imagine. You simply can’t credibly talk about the benefits of FitLine without personally using them. For this, it doesn’t matter if you drink your Optimal-Set, with Activize, PowerCocktail, and Restorate every day or, if you prefer using the Triple Lift-Set for a firmer and smoother skin.

Just to state the obvious: ‘Demo’ is the short form for ‘demonstrate’. From using FitLine products, to talking about how they improved your quality of life to demonstrating how they work and explaining how they can benefit potential customers is just a small step. All you have to do is grab your Demo Bag, meet with a potential FitLine customer and demonstrate how you use the products. The most important part is to demonstrate the product on them, so they too can directly feel the effect of Activize or Ultimate Young.


Why does ‘Use. Talk. Demo.’ work so well?

‘Use. Talk. Demo.’ in combination with the Demo Bag is a handy tool to present the benefits of the FitLine products to potential new customers. It is easy to understand and simple to use, and you can literally replicate your pitch as many times as you want.

But actually, it’s much more than just a tool – it’s a Lifestyle. When you use the products, when you love that they make you feel better to an extent where you share your experience and are eager to show others how much you like it, you’re just being genuinely authentic. And authenticity is really hard to find these days. All we do is stand behind the quality of our products, and so do our Team Partners because they just know what is good for them and simply spread the word.

What are you waiting for? Think about your personal experience with FitLine and let us know how it changed your life!

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