During the winter, cozy scarfs, warm gloves and thick jackets help us to fight the icy cold. But warm clothes are not the only way to make sure that your hands and feet stay warm and your immune system performs at its best. We’ve collected other helpful tips to make your life little bit easier during the cold season. It’s time to pamper yourself inside and out!

Tip #1: Exercising activates your blood circulation and helps to maintain a high energy level.


Tip #2: Drinking enough water or unsweetened tea flushes out toxins and boosts skin cells.


Tip #3: Washing hands regularly decreases the risk of infection and thus avoids colds and flu.


Tip #4: Moisturizing facial skin on a regular basis protects it from cold and dry heating air.


Tip #5: Taking additional vitamins supports your immune system and helps prevent feeling fatigue and exhaustion.


Tip #6: Applying long-lasting hand cream makes rough skin soft and smooth.


Tip #7: And last but not least, sleeping a sufficient number of hours supports your efforts to radiate a beautiful glow all winter long.