Have you ever wondered how you can integrate workouts and small exercises in your daily office life? Here are 5 tips and tricks to prevent obesity at work and become more buff than ever.

(cue: We cannot guarantee that you won’t make a fool out of yourself or receive concerned looks from your colleagues, questioning your sanity.)

  1. The desk-pushup: Whenever you’re getting up or coming back to your desk, take of your heels, lean forward to your desk with your hands placed on the edge of it, shoulders wide apart: Push off with your arms and repeat 10 times. Do not keep eye contact with your desk neighbor!
  2. The office chair dip: “whoops, my pencil fell down – again”. Use this sneaky excuse to place your legs in front of you, grabbing the edge of your office chair and lifting yourself down and back up. Repeat as often as your clumsiness level allows.
  3. The walk of health: Whenever your heart rate drops, get up and walk around the office for 10 minutes. If you feel guilty for not being productive, “fake fix” the copying machine. Step on the spot whenever you’re stoping for a chat or are waiting for the elevator. Ideally, you should use the stairs whenever you can.
  4. The Shadow boxer: While rocking foot to foot, punch with alternating arms. Keep your eyes open during the whole performance. Most workplaces don’t allow to actually hit your coworkers. Not even Perry from accounting, who always steals your ProShape Banana from the fridge.
  5. The jump squat Mexican wave: Make sure you have enough space in front of you. Bend into a half-squat with your arms behind you, then jump and swing your arms up. Do it every time one of your colleague enters the room to boost your colleague’s confidence and make them feel special.


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