Long before the emergence of the gig economy or digital nomads, direct sales offered that flexible and liberating opportunity of bringing home the bacon, all while rewarding those who put the most effort in it. A concept that more and more companies outside of the direct sales industry are exploring, reinventing, and adapting to their own business model. Even with double digit growth rates and the direct sales industry hitting the multi-billion dollar mark, direct sales companies head to up their game, professionalizing their marketing plans, offering more revenue, and more incentives resulting in the Team Partner being the real winner of this evolution.

Everybody can do it but not everybody will make it

Even if you’re with PM-International for only a short period, you know that PM firmly believes that everybody can do it! People who don’t succeed at something tend to blame other factors for their failure. Maybe they chose the wrong company or the wrong product. Because in direct sales it is absolutely crucial that the Team Partner identifies with the ideals and values of the company of their choice, and with the quality of the products. But instead of asking themselves some basic questions beforehand like: What are my expectations? What is my motivation? What are my goals? Those three questions above are not about your qualifications, your education or your background. They’re not meant to make you question your skills and abilities. Instead, they motivate you to ask yourself if you have the right mindset to succeed. Because in the end, even though direct sales is the most accessible path to entrepreneurship, direct sales is still entrepreneurship, where you are your own boss and you take full responsibility for your income.

So, yes, some people fail. Often, they fail because they’re giving up before even starting. They lack the ability to envision their dreams and materialize them, to be fully aware that dreams don’t just come to you while you’re asleep – at least not this kind of dreams. It requires hard work and full commitment. But if you work hard on your dreams for let’s say 3 years, they will work for you until the end of your life. We won’t deny it: Some people are having a bad experience with direct sales. They are not fake news and not part of a wide spread, organized framing or conspiracy theory. And yes, maybe, just maybe there have always been black sheep in the industry, promising wealth, beauty, and fame magically appearing with close to no effort. And yes, that is a lie. Period. But what industry does not have its black sheep? Unfortunately, being a jerk is still not illegal. Except maybe in Canada 😉

A real sponsor on the other hand will never tell you that it’s easy! It’s work, and there’s a lot of it, but there’s also a lot to win! And:

In the past ten years the direct sales industry has literally exploded

It’s definitely worth looking into it more closely because a fair view of the industry has a lot to offer – Facts and figures:

  • 1 out of 20 people buy Direct Sales products
  • almost 3 in 4 representatives are women
  • over 116 Million independent representatives worldwide in 2018
  • nearly $200 Billions total industry revenue in 2018
  • 90%industry growth since 2008

Who are these millions of people who are involved in direct sales and who is generating all this revenue? Exactly! People like you! What are you waiting for? Join us!

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