What happens when an amazing and record-breaking 1,700 teampartners from all over Europe gathered on Croatia’s beautiful Adriatic coast, in Šibenik? This year, I was able to get an exclusive sneak peak inside the Europe Tour 2018. And let me tell you, it’s all the things you expect from an experience like this and so much more. This time it’s not “What Happens in Croatia, stays in Croatia” – because I want to tell you all about what really happened:

The five hotels of the Amadria Park hosted PM teampartners, whose hard work made it possible for them and their loved ones to participate at this year’s European travel incentive. On arrival day, it was a great sight to see PM and FitLine cars slowly filling the parking lots of the resort. It felt like coming home. FitLine suitcases rolled down to the reception area, where everybody was greeted with the official blue event T-shirt. The first arrival photos streamed onto Facebook and Insta stories. Now and then even the colorful FitMojis came into play. It was warm and sunny but not humid, with temperatures averaging in at 23 degrees. Nothing stood in the way of an unforgettable vacation. The Welcome Party on Sunday for all 1,700 guests in the En Vogue club, right on the water’s edge, overlooking the sea, kicked it all off.

Walking the Streets of Croatia and Sailing into the Sunset

Teampartners spent the next 5 days relaxing on the beach or at the pool, sipping cocktails at the beach bar, engaging in sports activities, and taking part in trips to Croatia’s picturesque coastal cities, Zardar, Split, and Trogir. The PM We Care T-Shirts, FitLine bags and shirts strolled through historic old towns, down small and narrow alleys, and past petit cafés.

On Tuesday, 4 boats took 635 passengers out for a 6-hour cruise on the Adriatic Sea. Teampartners jumped into the clear blue water half way through the trip to cool down, only to enjoy a maritime buffet afterwards and literally sail off into a beautiful sunset.

Yet again others visited the nearby national park Krka, to walk in the footsteps of Winnetou (parts of the movie where shot here) and jump into the turquoise basins surrounded by waterfalls. Natural beauty all around!


Work Hard, Play Hard

It is incredibly easy to combine work and fun. In fact, it’s part of PM-International’s culture anyway. So, it’s a no brainer that teampartners also used this opportunity to meet new people, network, share experiences and pieces of advice, to form a good basis for future business growth.

Not only the SCANLEAD (Scandinavian leaders) and DACHL (leaders from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Luxembourg) business meetings served as platforms for a lively exchange, even drinks at the pool or tanning on the beach, for instance, were casual and relaxed instances to connect with people.

Reaping the Fruits of Hard Work

All of the teampartners on the Europe Tour knew what they have done to be able to participate. It was a well-earned reward for their hard work. The White Party, as it is common on all PM travel incentives, concluded the spectacular Europe Tour.





And the race is on already for next year’s trip. Be ready when PM takes you to the toe of Italy’s boot – Calabria.

Take the virtual tour of Croatia 2018! 


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