The end of the year is a time when the “PM Family”, which is becoming larger and more international from year to year, shares very special moments with one another. Charmed by the spirit of the Christmas season, PM-International’s leaders gathered for the last event of the year on December 7-8, 2018. They celebrated a high-class Leadership weekend at three exclusive locations in and around the company’s International Headquarters in Schengen, Luxembourg.

Christmas Gala

Juliana Goessmann, Christoph Hilligen (both from World Vision) and Vicki Sorg presenting the donation sum for 2019.

The Leadership weekend started off with a subsidiary meeting on Friday. 36 managing directors and PM-International’s top-management discussed the global strategy for 2019, including product innovations, science and technology investments, and business development. The day ended with the exclusive PM-International Christmas Gala at the Zeltpalast in Merzig, Germany: a moving event in a thriving family business. A real highlight in the PM calendar year. The gala did not fall short of living up to its reputation, enchanting with an exclusive ambiance, delicious food and a breath-taking show, featuring incredible acrobats.

The emotional highlights belonged to Vicki Sorg, who first announced the new record donation sum of EUR 648,000 for 2019, and then took the stage together with Miss Kavila to surprise everyone, including her husband and CEO of PM-International, Rolf Sorg, with the performance of the new song “Save the World.” What a night to remember!

By the Best for the Best

On day two, the Leadership Training was held at the European Convention Center Luxembourg: a training by the best for the best. Beyond communicating know-hows, high-profile speakers from the fields of sales, science, and technology shared first-hand information with the audience. PM leaders from all over the world revealed successful strategies and gave an outlook on how business can become even easier and grow even faster for everyone in 2019.

PM-International founder and CEO Rolf Sorg highlights: “People are the most important resource of our business. That’s why events like this one are so important, for all of us. Together, we can acknowledge how far we’ve come and develop fresh ideas to tackle the work that is yet to be done. I am especially delighted that this year’s training takes place on our home ground in Luxembourg. We appreciate all the support we have received from our local partners since we opened our International Headquarter in Schengen in 2015. It means a lot to me that so many of our distribution partners, many of those from the other end of the world, came to experience our location in the Heart of Europe.”

To complete their weekend of business motivation and inspiration, all guests were able to get their hands on an absolute must-have: The newly released PM-Book If I Can Do It, You Can Do It! 

Winter Party of Superlatives

The end of the year calls for sharing special moments with the continuously growing and international “PM family.” The traditional and exclusive Leadership Party at the International Headquarters in Schengen together with Rolf and Vicki Sorg is a crucial part in doing so. A smashing Christmas party and fairy tale fireworks brought the weekend to a close, offering yet again ample opportunities to exchange experiences and celebrate success. Under the motto “We are PM” this event will remain in the memory of all who took part.


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