Europe Day, the 9th of May, calls for a special celebration in PM-International’s calendar. We called it the Open Doors Day and it was so fun! Despite the unfavorable weather, about 300 people took part in the event, amongst them the Mayor of Schengen, Michel Gloden, “Schöffen” and members of the Municipal Council of Schengen, as well as Simone Polfer, Deputy Director at the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy. 

The Open House was to let our neighbors of the community in Schengen in on what we do here at PM-International. Among others, we offered company tours and our Research and Development department gave presentations about science and nutrition. With live bands, mechanical bull riding, face painting and games for kids, and regional food from Luxembourg, France, and Germany, it was a fun day for everyone.

Throughout the day we served regional food from France, Germany, and Luxembourg and the Syndicat d’Initiative Schengen contributed with the famous Luxembourg “Judd mat Gaardebounen,” made of pork, beans, and potatoes.

 “I love the Moselle Valley and Schengen in particular. This is my home and the people are awesome. We are running a family company and we want to make a difference in people’s lives while elevating the community’s economic perspectives. Our intention is also to give back to the community that adopted us. I see it not only as a duty, but an utmost privilege,” says Rolf Sorg, the Founder and CEO of PM-International.

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