On July 6 & 7, PM-International France officially opened their new country headquarters in Nancy.

On Friday afternoon, Founder and CEO Rolf Sorg, presented himself in France to greet the numerous Team Partners and top management and celebrated the opening with signing the official PM opening ceremony sign. On Saturday, Country Manager Adrien Rincheval, and the Mayor of Nancy, Laurent Hénart met at the new office for the official ribbon cutting ceremony. The new French headquarters is only roughly a one-hour car ride away from the International Headquarters in Schengen. The new building serves as administrative headquarters, Direct Sales Center, and will host Business Academies and Product Academies.

PM-International Founder and CEO Rolf Sorg proudly acknowledged: “The progress PM France went through over the past years is incredible” and he couldn’t get passed mentioning the recent customer numbers, Team Partner, and turnover successes. Nancy’s Mayor, Laurent Hénart sees the opening of the headquarters in the region as a sign of competitiveness of the region and praises the efforts made by PM to create more jobs in the city and in all of France. Adrien Rincheval is proud to have seen his hard work of the past years come to fruition and seems more ready than ever to tap into the full potential of the French Direct Sales market.

The timing of the new headquarters opening in France is no coincidence. Direct Sales turnover, and with it, PM-International’s turnover in France, is growing steadily. Compared to April 2017, France grew their turnover by 160%. At the same time the first dozen of PM cars had been ordered by successful Team Partners. Additionally, PM France was able to convince more and more professional French athletes of the quality of their products. Amongst many others, Melvyn Richardson, French national squad Handball player and rising Tennis star Dan Added.

We wish PM France all the best for the future!

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