Schwetzingen Castle is one of a kind: designed to rival the most perfect piece of Baroque architecture, the Versailles, it took more than 40 years to be built. All its 500 rooms are unique and marvelous. Its gardens take us back to the Belle Epoque of Palatine.

We can start with the historical figures that crossed its doors, danced in the glittery ballrooms or walked through the grandiose baroque gardens, but what would be more important for PM’s 25-year jubilee? Right, a larger than life Gala. One of the most glamorous galas ever organized for our special guests and teampartners. Everybody was totally impressed by the breathtaking scenery which felt like a leap in time, back to the 18th century.

The legend says that at the wedding banquet of the Prince Elector in 1742, from a total of 576 guests only 84 were allowed to eat, the others were only allowed to watch. However, PM’s Gala, despite being super exclusive, stepped into modernity and offered all 1,000 guests a very distinguished menu, carefully chosen by world-famous chefs.

Also, the exquisite repertoire of the orchestra “Heidelberger Sinfoniker” touched the hearts of the guests and invited them to gently dance the sweetest waltz. The gentlemen’s black ties and the ladies’ haute couture dresses were a vision of bliss and wonder in the orange German sunset.

The guests were introduced on the glamorous (PM) Blue carpet, while being photographed like Hollywood superstars showing off their outfits. They were greeted by Rolf and Vicki Sorg, the special hosts of the event. In a delightful Baroque atmosphere, the couple offered a warm welcome toast: “I feel really honored and privileged to start this very special weekend in this glorious ambiance of a special historical place, together with the most important people in my life”, Rolf Sorg said.

After a tour through the fabulous gardens, the guests were invited to the dinner while being entertained by an impressive artistic program from the British electronic string quartet, Escala.

It was a time of gratitude and recognition for the extraordinary 25 years of PM. A company that started with the actual vision of Rolf Sorg, not in the classical garage but in the grandparents’ cellar. Trying to sum up this amazing quarter of a century in simple words, Rolf carried on: “The most important milestone was to take the business from the Speyerer Dom out into the world with the PM-Group. Nowadays our FitLine products are a symbol of excellence for customers on all continents, in every corner of the world. For me that was the breakthrough for the global company PM-International. We had all the ingredients to become what we are today: Global market leader from Europe to the world. That’s what PM-25 means to me”. Fundamentals of business and the strongest will imaginable, all fueled by a vision of the future while making the world a better place. An example of believing in your dreams and never giving up.

Moreover, the most overwhelming moment was the lifetime achievement award ceremony for Rolf’s parents, Hedwig and Dieter Sorg. It was an emotional time with tears of joy and gratitude, greeting the parents as essential part of one’s becoming: “My parents gave me the best lessons of becoming not only an entrepreneur but a leader and a family man”. Hedwig and Dieter taught Rolf the core values that PM-International stands for today. That is especially important for a company that promotes and respects the moral values and principles in business while improving the lives of thousands of people around the world.

To conclude with, the fabulous event went down in flames as the fireworks lit up the sky in a display of unparalleled grandeur. But the most important was the feeling of profound friendship, where the teampartners’ life stories, their results, and their motivation took PM-International on to the bigger stage of business success worldwide.

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