Dos and don’ts for training various body shapes.


Trouble – excess fat and weight affects your middle and lower body, it is also slimmer than the upper with usually good shaped legs. Your shoulders are usually more narrow than your waist line.

Do's – cardio interval training. Core stability to really bring in that waist and stomach tight.

The Chances are you have a natural good body definition and sculpture. Once you hit that cardio training, bring in that waist and butt your other body parts will be highlighted better and you will notice that body sculpture.

Don'ts – lower body/upper leg weight training.


Trouble – You carry your weight on the hips, upper legs and bottom. You have a smaller waist with narrower shoulders than your hips.

Do's - total-body strength training, back and front arm exercise, chest and upper back.

The key is to create a more defined upper body to balance out your shape using targeted chest, arms and shoulder exercises.

Don'ts - squats, upper leg weight training.


Trouble - your shoulders, waist and hips are more or less the same width and you have no obvious definition or body sculpture.

Dos - Muscle-building, strength routine, and cardio.

The aim is to create an identifiable body composition and add definition to a straight body. Targeting areas: chest, arms, waist and legs.

Don’ts – your first, most important objective is to not only do cardio and endurance training. You must incorporate weight training as the primary method to target mentioned areas.


Trouble – prone to excess fat in the thighs, upper arms and lower belly.

Do's - Total-body sculpting and fat-burning cardio.

As you have a naturally all round proportionate body for a woman the main focus should be on keeping it that way and not letting one or the other area get out of size or oversize.

Don'ts – slow, heavy weight training targeting the above mentioned areas. Keep to high reps, circuit training, very little rest and compliment with high intensity cardio.


Trouble – Your hips are narrower than your shoulders and the shoulder line is fairly straight and squared.

Do's – lower body strength and weights. Squats, lunges, deadlifts. Also an all round abdominal routine is beneficial to bring the upper and lower body together nicely.

You need to tone and sculpt that upper body meanwhile bring up the waist, ass and lower body into proportion.

Don'ts – high weight and low repetitions. Invert. Low weight and high repetitions to ensure tone and shape to your body.

Start today with our easy to follow no equipment all round body work outs.

These will get you shedding those unwanted kilos in no time.
Just pick and try one of the levels and see how you get on.

If it’s too easy step up a level. Too difficult drop down a level. Enjoying the workout, then do another set.

Good luck!