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PM-International. We are family. Or should we say families? Whole families have decided to make their way with PM. Each family has its share of father and mother figures, cutting-edge geek sons and daughters, over the top rebellious but ingenious cousins, wise and solution-oriented uncles & aunts – simple, successful. Each family has its own values. And each family has its own story. Our series PM-Family – Stories of Success, pays tribute to those, who combine work and private life at the same time. These are their stories. Sometimes touching, inspiring, uplifting, emotional or funny. Always unique!

The Sandlers – a simple, uncomplicated, and authentic family. When they get together, even the grown-ups have the fun habit of competing, challenging each other with dares like: “A real Sandler always takes a morning dip in the lake, even in icy water.” However, when it comes to working together with PM-International, they pull in the same direction. Anna Sandler is one of PM’s top leaders. She joined the business in 2006 and has since then made her way to the Champion’s League level. She also repeatedly ranks among the TOP 25 worldwide. Her cousin Monica, who joined in 2010, has reached the President’s Team level. Working together as a family has really impacted them positively. They share a passion for what they do and illustrate their PM-family story with unforgettable memories they make along their journey.

But stop, every story has its beginning…so how did Anna and Monica start? Let’s take a look.

What If You Could Have…


…more time for your family?

Moms and dads imagine this: It’s 7 AM on a Monday morning. The early summer sun is pushing against the blinds, trying to squeeze through. You’re lying snuggled up in bed. The sound of tiny toddling feet moves down the hallway. The bedroom door creaks open and you open your eyes just in time to see the sleepy head of your four-year old come sneaking in. She jumps into bed and you take the time to snuggle up for just a little bit longer. Because you can! No alarm waking you or pressure to get the kids ready and dropping them off before rushing off to work. Can you imagine waking up like this and still earning money? You can, if your work is wherever you want it to be, whenever you have the time.


Since working with PM, Monica Sandler certainly has the liberty to do so. She and her husband have two children, Axel (11) and Filippa (9). Monica used to work as a physical education teacher at a high school. After the birth of her two children, she struggled with pregnancy weight and felt exhausted and tired. While still on maternity leave, her cousin Anna introduced her to the FitLine products. At first, it was really just the excitement about the results she experienced. “I got hooked on the products like so many others of my family as well, but I didn’t think I’d ever go into business”, Monica admits.

What changed her mind? For one, it was a question of personal fulfillment. When taking Axel and Filippa to play at the park, she saw other moms, also struggling with weight and exhaustion, and wanted to help them. Monica realized:

“I felt like I could help more people by talking about the FitLine products, than by being a physical education teacher.”


The greatest thing is that the business is benefits her family. She saw that working with PM not only meant helping other people, but also herself and her family. Simply put, you have more quality family time. Admittedly, as a teacher, you always have a lot of holidays as it is. But you’re also always bound to fixed school breaks. In addition, Monica’s husband runs two bike shops, and the summertime, especially school holidays, is the busiest. PM gives her the liberty to schedule her vacations whenever is best for the family. She can be home when the kids get out from school and she can be part of their sports activities. Furthermore, she doesn’t have stress in the mornings to go to work and no problem staying home if the kids should get sick. And all because her work is exactly where she is too.

…greater financial security?

Honestly, I’m sure all of us (even people in their 20s) have spared a thought about what their retirement will look like. And surely these thoughts have not passed without a pinch of anxiety: What will my life look like once I am retired? Will I have to cut back? What about going out for dinner, shopping sprees, vacations, or just treating yourself to something nice once in a while? Now imagine, if you didn’t have to worry about any of this.

Anna Sandler, Monica’s cousin and godmother to Filippa, was the first of the Sandler family to join PM. She started off simply by using the FitLine products. From the beginning, she was absolutely satisfied with the results. The only thing she was slightly skeptical about, was network marketing. She says: “I did not know anything about network marketing and thought for sure that it wouldn’t be something I would like to do. By being open-minded and learning more about the business and how PM works, I overcame my personal obstacle. My confidence and trust grew when I learned about the healthy and fair business model.” As she says about herself, she is not a dreamer, but a goal achiever. She is not afraid of taking fate into her own hands.


Although she loved her job as therapist for alternative medicine, Anna’s prospective pension didn’t look too promising, also because she had owned a small business and lived in Italy for 10 years. The straw that broke the camel’s back was her mother’s retirement and seeing what she had to live on. So, when she heard about PM’s business opportunity she sensed a chance of making her life more economically secure, even in the long run. She took the opportunity and started as a teampartner with PM. Anna says:

I am so grateful that I made the decision to make a change that has become the best investment in my life.”

It was a decision she made based on the faith in the FitLine products, the business model, the company PM-International, and in herself. By now, her passion for working with PM has evolved to be about so much more than financial security. She loves her job, especially when seeing that her work helps people. The positive energy she gets from people in return from their satisfaction with the products and their personal growth and self-development is priceless.


On a more personal note, PM makes it possible for Anna to combine work with her other passion in life: racehorses. Her husband is a professional trainer and racer, and Anna likes to spend a lot of her time in the stables and on the trot track, taking care of her horses.

Anna and Monica aren’t the only ones in their family, working with PM. For example, Monica’s father Örjan Sandler (who by the way competed in 5 Winter Games and won the Bronze medal in Grenoble 1968 in 10,000 meter speed skating), his sister Elisabeth Sandler, Anna’s husband Håkan Skoglund, her half-sister and more cousins are also part of the story. In fact, at one point, 11 members of the Sandler family, including children, participated at the Europe Tour, 5 of which were even qualified. Even the youngest Sandlers have been using the products for more than 8 years now. They grow up with PM, learning everything about the products and the business. Who knows, maybe one day, they will be part of it too!

  • Örjan, Anna, and Monica Sandler

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