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“If you love yourself, everybody will love you.”


If you are part of PM-International, you have definitely  heard about her: Giulia Romanelli, 20, student at the Università Bocconi in Milan. As Gold Vice President’s team she reached the top, by doing it her way: with passion and extra energy. È fantastico!

She immediately became an influencer, with such an interesting lifestyle and revealing ideas that attracted almost 38.000 followers on Instagram.

For the last two years she has been working hard and became one of the most game-changing PM’s Team Partners. How did she manage to do that? Are you curious? Let’s learn more about this fabulous success story directly from the source.


What’s your PM-Story?

I started to work with PM-International in April 2015. Why? Easy… because I needed extra pocket money. In that period, I was in the last year of high school, and three months later, I had to start courses at the university. For me, that meant living alone, without my parents and far from my idyllic home town. I didn’t want to be a burden for my family and more importantly be financially independent while developing my own style and personality without being attached to chains of financial insufficiency. That’s what PM-International helped me to achieve. Actually, I’ve seen this as my biggest opportunity. And I took it from day one.

After my first month, I went to PM-International in Speyer, Germany, for the IMM TRAINING and I was Vice President. Later in January, when I came back, I reached the position of Executive Vice President, then President’s Team in 10 Months, Silver President’s team in 12 months and Gold President’s team in 24 months. Incredible! I still can’t believe that it’s all real.

PM changed my life, I developed towards a stronger person, being my own master . While growing up, I lived incredible moments such as trips to Malta and Mauritius, with the Europe Tour, World Tour and met so many wonderful people.

With PM I gained a lot of experience and as soon as I’ll finish studying, I decided to continue this wonderful job with PM. I found my dreamy job!

Giulia and Vicki Sorg


As a real PM E-influencer, what’s your secret?

I looove Instagram! I’m keen on sharing pictures of my daily life. I used the social media for my personal and business needs. I must confess that I’m spending more time on Instagram and Facebook, but this is because they are powerful tools for  building strong relations between people with the same passions.

The secret? Maybe, it’s the good balance, between my PM-life and my life as a woman. My followers want to see what I like to do, where I am, and who my friends and family are.  In short, they want to share all of my happiness.

It’s not publishing anything that takes a lot of time (5 minutes is enough), but I am still spending hours and hours on my phone, looking for inspiration with regards to social networking.

Giulia Romanelli Instagram



How does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day of Giulia Romanelli: wake up very early every single day, take my breakfast (my first FitLine rendez-vous), share some pictures of my menu. Then, go to the University, work, take calls and always creating business opportunities.

I never sleep before midnight, but I really love what I do! Each day, I’m using FitLine and BeautyLine products, it’s a must and you know why? Because, these products help me to love myself more and more every single day. 


Any advice for people who want to try the PM-Experience?

Win with PM, because you have nothing to lose, try it! You will fall in love with the products.

Be always confident and look for people similar to you, your business will be easy and powerful! Personally, this job changes my life, and I’m positive that it can bring you a lot of joy, well-being, friends and even love. What else do you need in life?