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Despite its size and yearly turnover, the family concept is truly dear to PM, because it is indeed a family-run business. Rolf and Vicki Sorg are an essential part of everyday decisions, they are both involved in the organization of company events and love to exchange thoughts and ideas about various projects with their employees.

Today, as every year on May 15, countries around the world celebrate the International Day of Families. We too, would like to take the opportunity to celebrate families around the world – more precisely: Our PM families.

Since bringing to life the We Are PM blog, we’ve literally flooded you with stories about PM-families from all over the world. Heck, we even have a dedicated PM FAMILY category on the blog. With their stories, we also shared, their dreams and visions, and also their common success stories and their love for each other.

Do you remember the six FitLine Vikings, aka the Sæten family? They started with the FitLine products when they decided that they needed to do something about their health as a family. The mother, Berit and her husband Kolbjørn with their three boys and their little girl started building a family business around their vision of a healthy lifestyle and no more than 3 and half years later, Berit almost reached Gold President’s level.

When Joachim Heberlein started with FitLine back in 1995, his vision was to provide for his wife and his family as good as possible. After reaching President’s Team in only one month it really stirred his ambition and the family building process kickstarted right away. Today his wife, his sons Marcel (27) and Sandro (23) are in the business too and soon grandson Levi will join for sure.


Back in 2002 Christine Empacher launched her own PM Family story together with her partner, Otto Jr, and his parents Elfriede and Otto Sr. They make up the charming Austrian Empacher, Furthner, and Kadletz PM Family. Each one of them, including Christine’s mother went to a hard time and together they managed to make the best out of the experiences they all went through.

Are you intrigued? Check out the PM FAMILY category on our blog and discover more stories about single moms rocking their business, entire generations of families working hard on building a legacy, and a grandmother empowering her children, to reach their dreams.

These are stories about real Team Partners, and that is why we’re really proud to say: PM-International – We Are Family!

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