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Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.” – Anne Sweeney, American businesswoman

Karin, Regina and Christoph Zuber certainly have their very own definitions. Karin almost selflessly measures her own success on the triumphs of others. Regina finds it in self-determination and the security for herself and her 10-year-old daughter Lena. Christoph considers himself successful when he reaches his goals: “I’ve always known what I wanted to reach, I just never knew how.” Today, as a family in business together with PM-International, all three are successful on their own terms.

Karin and husband Wolfgang

From Retail to Direct Sales 

Karin Zuber (59) has always been a saleswoman at heart. For many years, she owned and managed multiple retail stores for children’s clothing in and around Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. As a businesswoman, she was highly respected in her trade.

While sales talent is essential, location may be an even more important success factor in traditional retailing. Simply put, if people don’t come to the store, it really doesn’t matter how big of a sales talent you are, you’re simply not going to sell anything. Although Karin’s businesses were going well, she couldn’t detach herself from worrying about the big financial risk of being self-employed. She spent many sleepless nights, and started looking at other business models like direct sales, which benefits from location-independent trading.

In 2003, she put her talent and people skills to work at PM-International. Since then, her enthusiasm and hard work have made her one of PM-International’s top leaders (Gold President’s Team). Business is personal, and relationships matter, especially in direct sales. Trying to find out about each person’s personal motivation and helping them reach their goal is at the same time the most difficult part of Karin’s job but also the most rewarding:

“The best part of this job for me is seeing people succeed. The enthusiastic, overwhelmed, and thankful calls telling me about rewards, qualifications for travel incentives, or the new company car. I am successful as long as other people have an added value through me and what I do.”

Christoph, Karin, Regina, and father Wolfgang


Regina and daughter Lena

Regina and daughter Lena

From the Salon to Direct Sales 

Regina and Christoph spent 15 years of their lives watching their mom rise to be one of Germany’s best in direct sales. They’ve had second-hand experience of working with PM and the benefits (having their mom around while growing up, going on travel incentives, experiencing the warm family culture of PM). Still, both of them decided against following in their mom’s footsteps, until they were convinced of not finding anything better.

Regina (33, President’s Team) is a trained hairdresser and used to have her own salon. Don’t we all know at least one hairdresser who loves her job but can barely manage to make a living with the meager wage? For Regina, as a single mom, it was particularly difficult. She struggled nearly each month to make ends meet for herself and her daughter Lena. At one point, stress forced her to take a break from work for weeks on end. During this time, she discovered the PM business opportunity for herself and took the chance. It was all worthwhile!

Now, she has the security, which would have been barely possible by continuing to work in her salon. In the mornings, while her daughter is at school, Regina works from home. She contacts people and sets up dates with new prospects. She dedicates the afternoon solely to her daughter. Only in the evening, after Lena’s gone to bed, Regina picks up work again, taking care of Team Partners and customers over the phone. For her, it’s the perfect way to work: “There’s nothing more precious than family. That’s why it’s so important to me to have the liberty of deciding for myself when I work in order to spend as much time with my close ones as possible.” 


From the University to Direct Sales

Christoph (28, Silver President’s Team) finished high school in 2010. 2 years later than planned, because he was thinking about becoming a professional tennis player. Turns out he didn’t end up as the next Boris Becker. Instead he studied business, majoring in European business law, all the while staying up-to-date about direct sales. In fact, he wrote his Bachelor’s thesis about network-marketing. Christoph analyzed multiple companies, in terms of legal, ethical or economic aspects, and found PM to be at the top of the league. He also did a few internships, working a 9-to-5 job and eventually asked himself: “How can I let some else determine how much one hour of my life is worth?”

For 2 years, he’s been working with PM full-time and is the master of his own destiny. He and his young team excel through their “next generation spirit.” They tackle tasks with serious nonchalance and spreading authentic enthusiasm wherever they go.

Even Karin’s ambitions were reignited by her children’s enthusiasm. Regina and Christoph’s commitment and the wind of change they brought to the business, motivated her to up her game once more. After reaching Silver President’s Team in 2016, she celebrated her qualification for Gold President’s Team in December 2018. The incredible support of her family and the breath of fresh air brought on by a multi-generational business, enabled Karin to jump to the next level: “For almost 10 years, I was absolutely happy and satisfied with what I had. Only my children’s pulse, its dynamic and the mutual support and motivation during the last two years made such a tremendous growth possible,” Karin says.






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