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In 2003 PM-International opened its doors in Malaysia, the first market in Asia. From the beginning, Brenda (43) and Gary (47) Lim have helped pioneer one of PM-International’s most promising subsidiaries. Their decision to join PM was built on enthusiasm (about the products), trust (in the company’s values), appreciation (of the quality), and belief in being able to reach their own personal goals. Today, Brenda and Gary are Gold President’s Team and among PM-International’s Leaders of Excellence.

From the Shadows to the Spotlight

Before PM-International, Brenda worked for her dad’s women’s accessory business. Similarly, Gary worked in a family-run hardware store with his mom. At times, they had no more than 176 RM (about 40 EUR) in their bank account. In 1998 the new BMW 3 series launched in Penang, Malaysia. It became Brenda and Gary’s absolute dream. They used the protection of the night time to go marvel at the car. Gary remembers: “We couldn’t go to the dealership during the day, because we were afraid of being asked if we’d like to buy it. We couldn’t afford it and didn’t want to admit it.” So, they went at night. 11 PM, when everything was closed. Only the showroom with the glass front, offering a clear view of the spotlight illuminated the BMW 3 series. Gary promised: “Give me some time. I will bring this car home one day.”

Brenda, CK Yung (Chairman of PM-Malaysia), and Gary

Finding the Right Fit

PM-International first caught Brenda and Gary’s attention with the FitLine product Activize. Its effects amazed them. Soon, they started considering joining the company as distribution partners. They didn’t take the decision lightly and wanted to make sure that PM-International was exactly the right fit for them. Traveling from Malaysia to Germany, the couple had the opportunity to look at the company in person. They met with founder and CEO Rolf Sorg, learned about the quality of the FitLine products, and the benefits of the business model. Additionally, they had a chance to join the 100 most successful PM-distributors at an exclusive dinner and talk with them about their experiences.

After returning to Malaysia, their minds were made up: “We wanted to make sure that this is the right opportunity for us. We felt reassured and convinced about having found exactly what we were looking for: a unique company, whose spirit is its innovative products, and which is globally secured by patents,” says Gary. Brenda adds: “It’s not easy to find an international platform where we can mix around with all the top people. We have the same mindset. We discovered that we’re all similar even though we’re from different countries and cultures. But we love the same things. We love the products and we love the company. It doesn’t feel like working for a company, it feels like home!”

Brenda with her daughter Hui Xin

Choosing to Make it

After 16 years in the business Brenda and Gary have experienced all the ups and downs of the business. Staying positive is easy as long as everything is going well. It’s the tough times that shape true leaders. Gary says: “The reason why we are still here is because we are problem solvers. In direct sales, people don’t fail, they give up. It’s an excuse.” Brenda explains in more detail: “Sometimes we face a lot of problems and feel lost. How do we survive? We go back to the basics. It’s the only way to keep us moving. Direct sales are a lot like relationships or marriage. If you feel like you’ve lost the spark, you need to find the feeling of first love again. Rekindle the fire with sponsoring! It’s all about mentality. If you want to make it, you have to choose to make it!

Brenda and Gary Lim chose to make it and they did. For their daughter Hui Xin (12), for their parents, brothers and sisters, for themselves. They started out with the BMW 3 series as their dream. After qualifying for President’s Team at PM-International, their first BMW was a 5 series. Turns out they were able to go beyond their wildest dreams with PM-International.

The Lim family at PM-International’s Leadership in Alpbach, Austria.


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