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PM-International. We are family. Or should we say families? Whole families have decided to make their way with PM. Each family has its share of father and mother figures, cutting-edge geek sons and daughters, over the top rebellious but ingenious cousins, wise and solution-oriented uncles & aunts – simple, successful. Each family has its own values. And each family has its own story. Our series PM-Family – Stories of Success, pays tribute to those, who combine work and private life at the same time. These are their stories. Sometimes touching, inspiring, uplifting, emotional or funny. Always unique!

Next Generation in the Making

For the Sætens from Norway, working with PM-International was initially a matter of improving their own health. The business followed naturally and with ease. Berit and her husband Kolbjørn have four children, three boys and a girl. Together with their two oldest sons, Bjørnar (20) and Anton (21), they run their PM-family business. The whole family benefits immensely from working as a team.

Convincing Results

Berit, former PE (physical education) teacher at high school, has recently finished a degree in homeopathy. Kolbjørn used to be a teacher as well. However, for the last 13 years, he has worked as a chiropractor. Clearly, fitness and health are a major part of their life. So it comes as no great surprise that the health benefits from high quality nutrients and the products’ bioavailability attracted Berit to FitLine:

My greatest lesson in life is sure about health. When your body is not in balance, there is only one important thing in life. That is to get your health back. Nutrition was the way back for me, and FitLine was like an IV to my body. – Berit

Unlike Berit, Kolbjørn was a bit skeptical at first of PM and the FitLine products. When positive changes started setting in after using the products, he was hooked for life. Thrilled by the results, both Berit and Kolbjørn felt the need to share their experiences with others. And so it began. 3,5 years later, Berit is a Silver President, on her way to Gold President. And all thanks to sharing their excitement and enthusiasm with sincere conviction.

“It’s for everyone”

Kolbjørn’s job as chiropractor takes up most of his time. His working hours: 6:30 am-4pm. But it doesn’t keep him from committing to PM. Being your own boss and deciding for yourself when you work, helps a lot, obviously. He enjoys investing extra time into work, because it enriches his family with extra benefits. And if parents of four children, father and mother alike, can manage to run an extremely successful business, it means they’re backed by a company that values family:

I ❤ the freedom of my PM job. I am my own boss, I work where and when I like, and the family can travel even more. We work together as a team and I love to include the kids too. – Berit

I ❤ the concept that this is a business opportunity for everyone. It does not matter which background you have. This is the people’s way of giving other people a chance for better health and better economy. Instead of waiting for retirement to come, I do not want to retire anymore. Because I really like talking to people all over and motivate them for a better life and future. – Kolbjørn





“I work for independent children who follow their own dreams”

Berit wants to raise her children to be independent and self-determined.

We say: Mission accomplished! Anton and Bjørnar (aka BJ) are two super active young men, who know what they want.

BJ used to be among the top 10 of Norwegian biathletes. Anton had great ambitions in biathlon as well. His goal was to become the best and join the national team, until he had to give up his dream. He was sick a lot and couldn’t train consistently anymore. Instead, he switched over to free skiing. Now he can show off some incredible jumps and tricks.

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“You have to wait until you’re 16”

All aboard! The whole family is extremely excited about working with PM. The 13-year old can’t wait to get his own TP number and keeps pestering his parents about signing up.

They have to tell him repeatedly, “You have to wait until your 16″ – it has almost become a family slogan. He will have to be patient for a couple of more years. But surely, the first thing he’ll do after turning 16, is getting his TP number, stocking up the family business to a party of 5.

Even the youngest (6 years old) is all fired up already:

Our 6-year-old daughter used to name our BMW “PMW.” She is driving a mini PMW, and she can’t wait for her car bonus. – Berit

Actually, if we think about it, we should seriously consider using PMW for all future PM cars. That’s an ingenious idea! We look forward to welcoming the two youngest members of the Sæten clan into our global PM-family in the years to come!

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