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PM-International. We are family. Or should we say families? Whole families have decided to make their way with PM. Each family has its share of father and mother figures, cutting-edge geek sons and daughters, over the top rebellious but ingenious cousins, wise and solution-oriented uncles & aunts – simple, successful. Each family has its own values. And each family has its own story. Our series PM-Family – Stories of Success, pays tribute to those, who combine work and private life at the same time. These are their stories. Sometimes touching, inspiring, uplifting, emotional or funny. Always unique!

Family Comes First

17 years ago, Christine Empacher started her own PM-family story. It is a story of loss, of love, and of great success. Today, the family business is led by her daughter Stephanie. Together with Stephanie’s partner, Otto Jr, and his parents Elfriede and Otto Sr., they make up the charming Austrian Empacher, Furthner, and Kadletz PM-family. We have had a chance to talk to them and are happy to share very personal and authentic insights into their lives.

“What Would I be Without PM”

For Christine Empacher, 65 years old, life certainly wasn’t always easy. When she was only 37, she suffered the passing of her first husband. She lost everything back then and had to start all over. The financial burden, not to mention the emotional trauma, weighed heavily on her. She was in debt and had little to no perspective for the future. Luckily, there’s usually a rainbow after the storm. With a new partner and the birth of her daughter, Stephanie Furthner, in 1991, things started picking up again for Christine – at least on a personal level. When she and her partner joined PM-International in 2001, she also left behind the financial worries. Her quality of life improved altogether. Who knows what her life would look like today if she hadn’t joined PM.

The business has always enriched our family life. From level to level, our life got better and easier. We have experienced and mastered life’s ups and downs together. Success at PM brought prosperity and independence to our family. Hard work and determination has taken us to where we are today. That’s why we appreciate our high income all the more. What means the most to me personally, is leading a free and self-determined life. What would I be without FitLine, BeautyLine, and PM? – Christine Empacher

“My Greatest Motivation is Time”

Stephanie Furthner officially joined PM while she was still in school. Her parents’ story was the perfect example to show how you can make it to the top. And she wanted to start for herself ASAP. By the time she graduated from high school, she was already International Marketing Manager, and had her first PM car – a VW Polo, or her “baby,” as she liked to call it. When teachers heard what her plans for the future were, they predicted that she’d never make it very far in life. Today, 7 years later, she is Gold President and has replaced her mother in leading their team. Business is thriving. If only her teachers knew.
Stephanie is completely fulfilled by her job. She enjoys waking up in the morning, because she loves her life, work and private. She knows exactly what she’s working for.


I had a happy childhood. Still, I remember that we didn’t have much. I often heard the words “No, we can’t afford that.” The worst thing was that my parents rarely had time for me. Both of them had to work two jobs to earn enough money. Things changed when they joined PM. They still invested a lot of time at the beginning, but it all payed off after 2 years. PM made our lives easier. And it blessed us with valuable time. And that’s where my greatest motivation comes from, to have TIME and to use it wisely. – Stephanie Furthner

“We Have Grown Closer as a Family”

At PM, you build relationships. And if you’re lucky, like Stephanie, you’ll even meet the love of your life. Her partner, Otto Kadletz Jr., initially started working at PM to earn a little bit of extra cash on the side. After his time at the Austrian armed forces, he worked for a local company. It was a good job, but with limited career opportunities. He was convinced that PM would offer better perspectives for his future. And he was right. Joining the business was a life-changing step:

2,5 years after starting at PM, I was able to quit my main job at the local company. I have been my own boss ever since and can organize my time freely. The great thing is, I can choose when I work, where I work, and who I work with. – Otto Kadletz Jr.

Otto also greatly appreciates what PM does for him on a personal level.

Working with PM, Steffi and I have the opportunity to share same interests with both sides of the family (Stephanie’s mom and Otto’s parents). We have grown closer as a family and spend a lot of time together. We make great experiences at PM-events and create lasting memories for the future. – Otto Kadletz Jr.

“Family is a Safe Haven”

Working together as a big family, they enjoy added family value through shared PM-experiences. Participating at national and world congresses, at Kick-Offs, Leadership meetings and travel incentives, creates wonderful memories. Family is the greatest good in life – at least when you ask this incredibly nice and warm-hearted Austrian family. 

Considering all loss and hardships of the past, it is no surprise that this family appreciates the valuable time they can spend together today. Working with PM-International, gives them the financial and personal freedom to do exactly this.

Family is absolutely priceless. It holds and supports you and gives comfortable warmth. It is a safe haven to which you can always return to, during calm or stormy seas– Christine Empacher

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