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Our Swedish Daughter in ABBA Songs

We asked a 100 people: Think of Sweden. What’s the first thing that pops into your head? Among the top answers: ABBA (who wouldn’t think of the Swedish super-troupers?) and IKEA (nope, not only because of the furniture, but also the food culture). But hey, there’s more to Sweden than Mamma Mias and easy living. Sweden ranks high in living standards, democracy, education, social progress, business and much more.

1. Take a Chance on Me

Sweden is also perceived to be the world’s most health-conscious country. In effect, it is a highly attractive market for dietary supplements and other nutrition related products. That means PM-International’s potential is huge. It also means, fighting within a highly competitive market. After all, other companies have recognized the business opportunity. But PM has certainly taken a chance on Sweden, and has successfully asserted its position.

2. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!….

…a problem, and I will hit you with a solution. When Gabriel Callert took over management of PM-Sweden in 2002 in the southern part of the country, Ängelholm, he had a great leader to guide him. Just recently, on the occasion of PM-International’s 25th Anniversary, Gabriel revealed the secret behind the company’s huge success:

“I’ve had the honor of working with Rolf Sorg for almost 16 years. It’s very interesting working with a guy like that. Whatever obstacles I have, he has had them ten times as much. There are no excuses! There are only solutions! If you’re solution-oriented, you will find a way. That’s exactly what brings PM-International forward, over and over again. And that’s what will bring us into the next 25 years.”

If the lesson we can take from this is that every problem’s solution will make the company grow, then every problem coming our way is very welcome. Obviously, enough problems have been solved at PM-Sweden. Why, you ask? Simply because it’s successful. It is a long-time member of the Direct Selling Association. In fact, Gabriel Callert is one of the Chairmen of the Board. And there’s more: Direct sales in Sweden make up a share of approximately 300 million Euros. The member companies of the Direct Selling Association make up 70% of all direct sales in Sweden. And among all direct sales businesses in Sweden, PM is the largest. Way to go!

3. The Winner Takes it All

Together with the second in command, Ann-Louise Gunnarsson, Gabriel Callert leads a team of 11 hard-working and dedicated people. They work together closely to make the business run as smoothly as possible. And they sure are doing an excellent job, because the business has been booming for a long time now already! PM-Sweden ships out approximately 40 tons of products to customers per month, making it the most efficient subsidiary in the PM-Group. No wonder that it has a series of awards to show for. It was named Super Company every year since 2010 by Veckans Affärer. In 2013, it received the Gasell Award by Dagens Industri. And it has AAA credit since 2011. So, please allow for one final clichéd comparison – all members of this team and all Swedish teampartners really are true super troupers. It’s great to have you as a part of our PM-family.

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