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PM’s Premium Standard meets Swiss Precision

Switzerland is one of the richest countries with a GDP per capita of over 80.000 USD. It is also one of the smallest. But how small is small? It’s certainly not as small as Luxembourg. But compared to Germany, it is 9 times its size. What’s more, only 7% of Switzerland is in fact inhabitable space. Agricultural purposes and alp farming make up 37%. And the rest? Well, that’s left to the sheer beauty of nature: mountainous landscape, like the Alpine giants Matterhorn or Jungfrau. Bordered by 5 countries in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is also a mixture of languages and cultures. Approximately 8 million people speak either Swiss-German, French, Italian, and/or Rhaeto-Romanic in different parts of the country.

Consistency of the Past Builds Confidence in the Future

The understanding of fine precision is one of Swiss people’s distinct characteristics. They strive for nothing less than perfection. So, what happens when the premium standard of PM-International and the Swiss sense of precision collide? Exactly, you get PM-Switzerland! PM-Switzerland is one of the oldest subsidiaries in the PM family. In a country, where network marketing has been going strong for 40 years, PM-Switzerland has worked its way up to being one of the local heroes among roughly 30 registered direct sales companies on the Swiss market. And it believes in consistency. A part of its staff has been working with much enthusiasm for more than 20 years already. They support customers and Team Partners as best as they can. After all, network marketing is a business built on personal relationships. It only works if you interact face-to-face and keep the satisfaction rate high. PM-Switzerland’s general manager Thomas Rauscher highlights:

“We make sure that customers, partners, and staff feel at home by cultivating the art of top-service and embracing the company’s family values.”

Two strong and successful women of PM-Switzerland: Nadine Bacher and Kerstin Marent.

Swiss Excellence in Sports

PM-International has been supporting Swiss sports associations and individual athletes for many years. Among those are for example Swiss Sliding and the Swiss Handball Federation. “Top priority is the support of the athletes with FitLine’s premium nutrition supplements, which are registered on the Cologne List® and guarantee that they do not include any questionable substances,” says Thomas Rauscher. Ingo Meckes, Sports Director of the Swiss Handball Federation, explains why they have chosen to make their way with FitLine: “An optimal supply of nutrients is an important basis to achieve sporting goals and to increase the capability of the athletes through targeted training. To accomplish this, we need a flexible and competent partner and are happy to be supported by the FitLine products with their maximum doping safety requirements.”  Athletes playing with FitLine do fair-play!

A Two-Year Plan

PM-Switzerland has been growing tremendously and continuously for more than 30 months now. Currently, it is working toward automatizing its infrastructure in order to meet the demands of the tremendous growth during the last years. And the potential of PM-Switzerland is far from being exhausted. Sales manager Sandro Lazzaretti defines the next goal: “By 2022 PM-Switzerland aims at a 5-point revenue per year per capita. High product safety and consistent work method of ‘Use, talk, demo’ will make this possible.” This is clearly a very ambitious goal. Let’s see what the next two years have in store.


Thomas Rauscher, general manager of PM-Switzerland, having fun at Swiss Power Day 2016.

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