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Today, September 5th, may be International Day of Charity, but at PM-International every day is another day to open our hearts and work towards a brighter future for children worldwide.

So much has been achieved already during the 15 years of great partnership between PM-International and World Vision. As a global player, we dedicate ourselves to improving the lives of thousands of children, their families, and communities worldwide. In fact, in celebration of PM-International’s 25th anniversary, World Vision presented Rolf and Vicki Sorg with the award for “Largest Corporate Sponsor Worldwide.” This prize was awarded for the first time to honor PM-International’s long-term commitment.[1] At the moment, more than 1,300 children are sponsored by the company’s charity program “PM We Care.”


With the help of teampartners and customers, PM-International brings smiles to children’s faces all around the world. For example, Protima from Bangladesh: Together with her parents and two siblings, Protima lives in an area called Bhaluka. She belongs to 2% of the country’s ethnic minorities, who struggle against intolerance, discrimination, and violations of human rights. Many of these people are denied access to food, housing, and education. When she was little, Protima always thought she was different than others. Since December 2006, she is one of PM-International’s sponsored children. Various World Vision activities have taught her that she is not different and has exactly the same rights as everyone else. Today, Protima is 17 years old. She’s in high school and helps her parents out on the field. Eventually, she wants to become a doctor and shape her own future – instead of having other people do it for her.

Thinking Ahead

Despite all success, plenty of work lies ahead. And we are well on track. With steadily increasing numbers of PM-International’s sponsored children, the next great milestone is within reach. If PM manages to sponsor an additional 500 children by the end of 2018, PM can start its very own project, with the help of World Vision, a so-called Area Development Program (ADP). An ADP is a long-term regional development project (approx. 15 years), which will be planned and implemented together with locals. These kinds of projects are always holistic, and they cover large areas. The sponsorship ensures that all children have access to project activities and receive individual monitoring. With an ADP, PM will not only sponsor single children but all direct and indirect beneficiaries of the region (15.000-20.000 people). This will open doors to reaching and helping so much more people.

On this International Day of Charity let’s all remind ourselves and others to share love. Together we can make the world a brighter place for children like Protima.

Check out this interview and find out what Christoph Waffenschmidt, CEO of World Vision Germany, and Juliana Goessmann, Manager Corporate Engagement, have to say about the cooperation with PM-International.

[1] The prize was determined among all corporate sponsors and their total number of sponsored children. Neither the total amount of donations made by a company, nor private benefactors were taken into respect.


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