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PM-International and World Vision Germany share the value of building a sustainable future. We dedicate ourselves to helping children, their families, and whole communities around the world. Only in June, PM-International received the award for being World Vision’s largest corporate sponsor. Six months later, at the annual Christmas Gala, Charity Ambassador Vicki Sorg and her partner at World Vision, Juliana Goessmann, had exciting news yet again! They announced reaching the objective of increasing the number of 1,300 sponsored children established at the beginning of the year.

Juliana Goessmann, Christoph Hilligen (Executive World Vision) and Vicki Sorg presenting the donation sum for 2019.

In 2019, the record amount of EUR 648,000 will support 1,800 children all around the world. That means that PM commits itself to 500 additional sponsored children. Moreover, it means reaching another incredible milestone. With the help of World Vision, PM will sponsor a whole Area Program (AP) in India with 15,000 beneficiaries. APs are long-term regional development projects (approx. 15 years), which are planned and implemented together with locals. These kinds of projects are always holistic and they cover large areas. The sponsorship ensures that all children in the AP have access to project activities and receive individual monitoring. Ultimately, this will enable us to reach and help many more people. Vicki Sorg is determined: “There is plenty of work left. We look forward to realizing further sustainable projects for the development of education, medical facilities, and self-sufficiency.”[/one-half-first]



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We’d like to thank our customers and distribution partners from the bottom of our hearts. All of this wouldn’t be possible without their kind and generous support. Every product sold by PM-International includes a calculated amount which is automatically donated to charity. The more we grow, the more kindness we can spread worldwide. And we’ll continue to share our success.

Our visionary goal is to sponsor a total of 10,000 children and support more ADPs worldwide together with World Vision. Not only do we want to spread cheer, birthday presents or high values. We also want to pave the way to a better life for children and their future generations. PM-International wishes to be a real role model

We hope to see many more smiling faces in the future. However, for now let’s look back on the ones Vicki had the pleasure of seeing this year on her trips to Indonesia and Mongolia.


A Year in Smiles

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