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The new year is around the corner and I’m reminiscing about the exciting adventures and great achievements of the Charity work at PM-International in 2017, all in collaboration with the great people at World Vision. So much has happened: exciting trips, successful campaigns and a lot of happy children. And I’m already curious what 2018 will bring as PM-International has lately announced that they will sponsor 300 more children in India, Indonesia and Vietnam! This means that in 2018 they will hold sponsorships of overall 1,300 children around the globe! Well, I guess that the donated amount of € 468,000 for 2018 is a quite nice sum to do some good in the world. But now, let’s recap the most important Charity work of PM-International of 2017.

300 Better Chances for Building the Future

The commitment of PM-International to sponsor children worldwide is part of a complex campaign of helping children from underdeveloped countries by offering sustainable solutions of developing the infrastructure, education, sanitation and learning how to provide for themselves. The program has been elaborated in collaboration with World Vision.

At the Company’s Leadership Event in Alpbach, Austria, Charity Ambassador Vicki Sorg announced that PM-International is going to sponsor 300 more children: 100 in India, 100 in Indonesia and another 100 in Vietnam. Various communities in these countries struggle with poverty and a lack of medical care and education, especially in rural areas. The communities where the children live have limited access to clean drinking water, the right nutrition or sanitary facilities. With the support of PM-International various development projects for self-help groups and schools to enhance the awareness of health and education can be implemented to raise the living standards in a sustainable way.

Happy B-day, Ghana!

In Ghana, PM-International and World Vision organized a big birthday surprise party for the 66 sponsored children and they were the first ones who received a birthday gift. The Charity Shirt Campaign yielded additional funds to provide all the sponsored children worldwide with a special birthday gift. Vicki’s visit was about learning and witnessing the progress throughout the affected communities but also about spending a special day with the children, playing games, dancing, singing and having a carefree time together.

Together with World Vision PM has built clean drinking water wells and sanitation facilities to improve the hygienic standards. The local communities had been integrated into an educational program of practical learning about cultivation methods and now to create new income opportunities. Ghana, as country, is still struggling with serious issues like: child labor, child marriage and a high child mortality level. Therefore, awareness events about children’s rights and HIV are organized by World Vision on a regular basis.

Hearts of Cambodia

In Cambodia, Vicki has been experiencing the substantial level of progress in terms of improving the living standards throughout various communities that PM sponsored. Families who were part of the program  built new homes while also benefiting of new schools and sanitation facilities. Awareness events about education, nutrition and health as well as school programs enhanced the quality of living in the affected communities and taught the local representatives about the importance of working together as a community and thus guaranteeing their children a better future.

Furthermore, birthday presents were distributed to the 117 sponsored children in Cambodia as well. The children played fun games together with Vicki and had a great time during the birthday surprise party.


All these projects, the aid and support in terms of providing a sustainable life and future to so many children and their families all around the world can only be realized through the great contribution of team partners and customers. In fact, some are sponsoring children directly, others by buying FitLine products. Every product that is purchased by PM-International includes a calculated amount that is automatically donated to Charity. By using the products to enhance your well-being you can, together with PM-International, give back to those who need it the most and thus improve the lives of so many children worldwide. Thank you!

In this spirit, I wish you and all your loved ones a very merry Christmas and great celebrations into a successful and healthy new year 2018 wherever you are! And I promise to keep you up-to-date about all the amazing Charity campaigns to come!

Ghana World Vision Children

World Vision Children

Birthday with Vicki Sorg

Vicki and the World Vision Children

World Vision Birthday

Vicki and World Vision Children Selfie


  1. Great to read! Working for a charity gives you a lifelong experience. To spend time with this amazing people while volunteering is not only beneficial to them, but it helps you a lot also in personal development. My family believes in making a donation and working for a charity for a good cause. As helping the needy people gives you inner happiness. Few days back, my father told me about mission humanitaire ( as he got to know about volunteering program of Shammesh from one of his friends for helping the humanity.

  2. Hi Richard, this is so true! Supporting others means a lot to personal development indeed! The program looks great! Have a great day! Magdalena

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