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This is the story about a brave little girl named Krishna. Like any other seven-year-old girl she likes to paint and play with dolls together with her friends. There’s only one thing that distinguishes her from the others, she has a huge tumor growing in her jaw. It deforms her face but, much worse, makes it impossible for her to eat, drink or even breathe properly.Fortunately, Krishna is a member of the community of World Vision’s area program in that region in India and a sponsored child of PM-International. So when in the end of 2017 the surgery couldn’t be postponed any longer because her condition worsened dramatically, PM-International reacted promptly and donated the required funds to World Vision for the surgical removal. Caring local team members of World Vision drove ten hours to a 500 km distant hospital in New Delhi to save Krishna’s life.


Still, there was a risk that the girl would never eat on her own again when the surgery would fail in restoring her jaw. This would mean for the girl to be fed by a nasal tube forever. In addition to the stress and discomfort a failure would mean for the girl, extraordinary surgeries like this one have to be well thought out in area programs like the one in India as big problems can arise within the family and community of the child in case they fail. But luckily, the surgery was successful. The benign tumor could almost be totally removed and her jaw was restored completely. Currently, she is very well, she is able to eat on her own and can breathe easily through one nostril. She is still under regular medication and Doctor’s observation since there is still growth in her upper jaw. Although she will have to see the doctor every 3 weeks for the next months, the removal of the tumor changed her life sustainably and gave back to her the most fundamental quality of life like eating, breathing and simply living.

We are more than happy for this strong little girl who never lost her smile that she was so brave to endure all the stresses and strains exposed to her.

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Krishna                         Krishna


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