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Soniya is one of more than 700 sponsored children of World Vision and PM-International in Bundi, India. She is living together with her parents and her older sister Durgesh. Soniya’s father is a seasonal migrant worker. Durgesh is currently graduating and helping her family with subsistence income. Besides this, there was no other source of income to nourish the family. Durgesh always had the urge to change the situation of the family but for a long time there were no real opportunities to get an extra income.

An invitation to a life-changing tailoring class

But all that changed, when Soniya’s sister Durgesh was invited by her aunt to attend tailoring classes in her home. Soniya’s sister jumped at the idea and there has been no turning back since.

After coming back from college, Durgesh attended stitching classes in anticipation of supporting her family. Soniya also accompanied Durgesh and honed her stitching skills. Soniya’s aunt taught them to cut and stitch women’s apparel, especially sari blouses, petticoats and traditional salwar-kurta suits. Just 90 days into the training, Durgesh and Soniya thought that if they get training on their own sewing machine, they would be able to learn faster as both were also very keen to make this skill their means of livelihood.

With this thought in mind, both sisters plunged into their old sewing machine. After that, quality and neatness began to show in their sewing. Both of them then decided to approach the women who lived nearby to stitch clothes for them. Durgesh and Soniya started to do tailoring work from home and the demand for sewing clothes began to rise at a steady pace. But then suddenly their old sewing machine stopped working. The sisters thought that all hope was gone because they didn’t have enough money to mend the sewing machine. At that time, Soniya’s father tried to apply for a small loan from the creditors to buy a new sewing machine. But Soniya’s father’s loan application was not granted. Soniya and Durgesh were depressed to no longer be able to help their family. However, they kept on believing that where there is a will, there is a way through.

Sewing brings hope to the family

That is when World Vision India stepped in to help the family! As World Vision strives for empowering people to help themselves and to provide a sustainable and long-lasting support, they happily provided the sisters with a brand-new sewing machine with motor regulator. The old sewing machine was only operating manually but the new one is now working in both ways, manually and with the help of electricity.

Thanks to the commitment of World Vision India and the donations of PM-International, both sisters are now able to make a living out of the stitching. In addition, they save money by stitching their own cloths. «We are grateful to World Vision India for helping us with a new sewing machine…it’s easy to operate, all we need to do is to press the regulator and work is done without much energy, » said Soniya and Durgesh.




How PM We Care helps

This is one of many stories that show how important charitable work is and how much impact every single donation has on the individual fates of the sponsored children of PM-International and World Vision.

With their charity foundation PM We Care, PM-International has been committed to charitable projects for more than 20 years. Every FitLine product sold gives children one “Hour of Life” and better opportunities for their future. As the largest corporate sponsor of World Vision, the company supports 2,300 sponsored children, their families and entire village communities in more than 60 regional development projects worldwide, including projects in India, Peru and Cambodia.

While visiting Bundi in 2016, PM Charity Ambassador Vicki Sorg experienced the living conditions of the sponsored families and communities firsthand and is even more pleased that the charitable work is bearing fruit: «Together with our longstanding partner World Vision, we have been supporting regional development projects on site for several years now. I am thankful and happy that Soniya’s life and those of many other beneficiaries in that area has changed for the better. Lasting improvements in the lives of children in need are only possible if their environment is changed!»


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