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Think about it: You wake up in the morning, you use the toilet, wash your hands, take a shower, brush your teeth, then you move on to the kitchen, drink your daily PowerCocktail. It’s these simple things in life, we pay almost no attention to anymore. Because access to clean water is nothing any of us need to be concerned about. Yet, almost 50% of the world’s population still has no access. Three billion people in developing countries have to stand in line to have access to clean water.

Clean Water is Essential for Healthy Growth

In the past years, Ghana has made significant progress to improve access to water sources. However, about 33% of the country’s population still lacks access to water, among those children, the most vulnerable. Limited access to proper sanitation puts them at risk, physically, every day, because they have to walk for more than 30 minutes in search of water. Some end up getting it from contaminated sources such as untreated rivers, dams, and ponds, leaving them vulnerable to waterborne illness and disease. Furthermore, the time they spend in search for water is not spent in school. Therefore, lack of accessible water doesn’t only endanger their health, but their education as well. Adequate sanitation and hygiene are key drivers for poverty reduction and socio-economic development.

World Vision Provides Clean Water to a New Person Every 10 Seconds

PM-International proudly supports World Vision’s WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) program for Improved Child Well-Being in the Krachi East district, located in the Southeast of Ghana. Access to safe sources remains to be a major problem for the people of the district. Juliana Goessmann from World Vision explains: “The target communities are remote, difficult to access, and without any boreholes, whereas other communities do not have enough boreholes to cover all community members.” Together with World Vision we help to improve the situation. In fact, World Vision provides clean water to a new person every 10 seconds. But it’s not just about providing access but also about teaching children good hygiene practices, to ensure the good result is maintained and sustained.

Nobody Should Consider Water a Luxury

“Many of our sponsored children live in the Krachi East District. On previous sponsor trips, I’ve had the chance to take a personal look at their living conditions. We believe that every child deserves safe water. The community-based approach of World Vision gives us deep roots among the population and allows us to work together with them closely to really make a change,” says Vicki Sorg, Charity Ambassador of PM-International. Until next year, the WASH program in Krachi focuses on the following project activities:

  • Increase access to & good use of safe water sources
  • Mobilize 5 communities for drilling boreholes
  • Construct 5 boreholes (hand pumps)
  • Train 5 water-sanitation and maintenance teams
  • Construct toilet blocks at schools in 5 communities

Thank you!

About 300 people, 200 of which are children, benefit directly from each constructed borehole. That means that PM-International can reach and provide water for 1.500 people in total. All of this would not be possible without your incredible support, dear customers and partners. With every FitLine product sold, PM-International automatically donates a calculated amount to charity. Your love for the products allows us to share love and support with people in need. Let’s continue to make the world a better place for generations to come!

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