Get ready for the 30-day Shape Challenge with Rolf Sorg

FitLine Shape Challenge with Rolf Sorg helps you reach your personal shape goals! During the 30 days you will get the latest FitLine Shape routine, delicious recipes, powerful workouts, and ongoing motivational tips that will get you in the shape of your dreams!

Different body shape types have different needs. The The Shape Challenge with Rolf Sorg adapts to your individual goals. Get in the shape of your life now!

Wow your friends and family by sharing your Before/After pictures on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #FitLineShape

In addition to this, you can submit your before/after videos and testimonials directly to this page at the end of the Shape Challenge and you will be awarded with your own, personal certificate.

FitLine - Experience results


Order your 5 favorite FitLine ProShape All-in-1 flavors now!

Buy the FitLine shaker to mix delicious Shapes or replace ProShape All-in-1 by a delicious ProShape 2 go bar.


Simply replace 2 meals per day with ProShape All-in-1

During the first 2 days: Replace 3 meals with your favored choice of the ProShape All-in-1.
On days 3 - 30: Replace 2 meals with the ProShape All-in-1 of your choice.


Healthy and Tasty

Discover the delicious and healthy recipes we made for you in the FitLine Kitchen.


Quickly and efficiently

Get challenged and get back or improve your shape with our workout plan.

They did it!

FitLine Shape Routine

The FitLine Shape Challenge with Rolf Sorg is all you need. There is no complicated calorie counting involved. It is simple and easy to follow through. Make sure you enjoy the journey and experience results every day.

FitLine Kitchen

Who said healthy food is boring?! During the 30-day-Challenge, along with your ProShape All-in-1 routine, you are free to to prepare your own healthy meals. Our recipes are made for you to enjoy eating and to guide you further in achieving your goals! Have some mouth-watering recipes! Yummy!

FitLine Coach

Working out regularly is essential for getting in shape successfully. The exercises we provide help you to get the most out of the Shape Challenge with Rolf Sorg.
Simple: 3 times a week, the exercises will push your results, strengthen your body and improve your overall vitality. Be ready to get in shape or improve your shape!

FitLine Total Look

Looking good while working out will set you in the right mood. Discover the FitLine sports wear collection! Impose your FitLine style now!
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* Substituting two of the main daily meals of an energy-restricted diet with meal replacements contributes to weight loss.