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Nutritional supplements are often used in the field of popular and professional sports. They are intended to supply the athlete with the nutrients they need in their situation as precisely as possible. However, especially regarding doping controls, it has been shown that in addition to bioavailability and tolerability, the safety of the products is also important. It is therefore important to rely on nutritional supplements that have been extensively tested, such as the FitLine products.


Initiatives for product safety in sport

FitLine - Laboratory

All FitLine products are tested regularly and independently.

For athletes, there is a wide variety of nutritional supplements. Besides their effectiveness, it is particularly important that they are free of doping agents and stimulants. For the sports sector, the “Cologne List®” is an initiative that provides athletes and manufacturers alike with all relevant product information, thus creating transparency. This list includes nutritional supplements, for example all FitLine products of PM-International AG, which are regularly tested for those substances.

The importance this transparency is shown by a study of the Institute of Biochemistry, which showed already in 2004 that a not insignificant amount of 15% of the tested dietary products contained anabolic agents. However, the information on the packaging did not indicate this. The results were probably due to contamination in the production process.

PM-International therefore goes one step further: In order to ensure the highest product quality and purity, the FitLine products are manufactured according to the strict GMP guidelines applicable in the pharmaceutical industry.


FitLine products: Maximum safety for athletes

The results of the study posed new challenges for athletes and producers of nutritional supplements. In order to create safety for athletes in popular and professional sports, some companies wanted to have their products tested for contamination, additionally to existing internal control processes.

Since it was founded in 2005, the “Cologne List®” has been working together with well-known companies in the field of nutritional supplements. PM-International was a partner from the very beginning. Today, all approximately 40 FitLine nutritional supplements are on the “Cologne List®”. So far, not a single case of contamination with unwanted substances has been detected.

This is possible because PM-International works with partners who guarantee the highest purity in production. In addition, the company has its product quality regularly and independently tested by TÜV SÜD ELAB.


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Tested FitLine products for the sports sector

Bundesliga soccer player Dominique Heintz also uses the FitLine products.

Due to the high standards, many athletes and sports associations trust in the products of PM-International AG, among them the German Athletics Association (DLV), the German Cycling Federation (BDR), the German Ski Association (DSV), the Austrian Ski Association (ÖSV), the Polish Ski Association (PZN), as well as the German Ice Hockey Federation (DEB). For them, a high level of product safety is a basic prerequisite for its use, and the positive image of FitLine among top athletes has also convinced Idriss Gonschinska, the Executive Director of Sports of the German Athletics Association, for example. But also other testimonials and the cooperation with renowned clubs and top athletes show that FitLine products are now considered a secret among professionals. In particular, the athletes value the taste, the tolerability and the positive results they are able to achieve with them.

PM-International AG is a company founded in 1993 with products for health, beauty and fitness. It is represented in almost 40 countries worldwide. It develops and distributes premium nutritional supplements, as well as the FitLine med and FitLine skin cosmetic lines. The company’s core competence is the Nutrient Transport Concept (NTC®). It delivers the nutrients exactly when they are needed and where they are needed – to the cellular level, from the inside and out. During production and development, the strict GMP guidelines are followed and the latest findings of science and research are incorporated. As a result, PM-International holds around 70 patents.


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